Premier Roulette is based on the standard rules of classic single-zero European roulette and is developed by Microgaming. A player can place one or several chips on a number, a range of numbers or colours. The game also offers call bets that can be made on a racetrack, and a player is allowed to place neighbour bets by selecting from between 1 to 8 neighbouring numbers on either side of a preferred number. Premier Roulette is equipped with lots of extra features, including video zoom (a close-up view of the ball at the end of each spin), win details, game speed (normal and turbo), Change Table option, and detailed statistics for a gaming session. Hovering a mouse cursor over a betting area shows a tooltip for that bet (payout, returns, minimum bet and maximum bet).

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Wide betting ranges from $0.25 to $1000 let you vibe at any stakes, while the dual ‘Expert’ and ‘Regular’ modes keep things ultra-accessible. But enough teasing – let’s dive deeper into the game’s finer details. From gameplay nuances to the winning potential, this Premier Roulette review has all you need to know about Microgaming’s sophisticated modern roulette rendition.

Premier Roulette rules

If you’ve already cut your teeth on classic European Roulette, you’ll feel right at home learning Premier Roulette’s gameplay. But this stylish Microgaming variant also brings a few twists to amp up that wheel-spinning euphoria. Check below for details.

Graphics and visual outlook

The Premier Roulette bet game graphics are an absolute headliner guaranteed to get you excited from the opening spin. Expect immaculate visual fidelity and artistic flair that only a prestige developer like Microgaming can deliver. The crisp, compact interface is pure minimalist class, packing plenty of intuitive customisation options. Even if you want to tweak the table layout, adjust the spin speed, or rearrange the screen elements, Premier Roulette’s customisable setup lets you craft your personalised playing ecosystem.

As for the main event, the roulette wheel takes the majestic centre stage up top as it should. Just below it, you’ve got immediate access to all the classic inside/outside bets. But peep that sidebar ‘Racetrack’ area for a wider orbit of adventurous call bets to flex those skills. Between the stunning audiovisual presentation and user-friendly controls, this table game downright nails that ultra-satisfying online roulette experience from every angle.

Regular and expert mode

While the Premier Roulette game may look like the standard European wheel game, this slick variant packs a wonderful gameplay dualism. You can seamlessly switch between a ‘Regular’ and an ‘Expert’ mode tailored for different betting experiences. In the approachable Regular mode, you have quick access to all the quintessential inside/outside wagers any roulette player would expect. But you can also start getting a bit fancier by testing some call bets from that adjacent Racetrack area.

Once you’re feeling super spicy, kick things into Premier Roulette’s Expert mode to unlock the entire cosmos of extravagant call bet variations. This mode gives you access to advanced Call bets like the iconic ‘007’ bet pattern, mesmerising snake formations, Number Combos, Chip Bombs and Random 7s.

Customisable options

The Premier Roulette online casino game doesn’t just bring a stellar core gameplay experience. It’s overflowing with intuitive customisation options to make every spin your own. It lets players tweak neighbour bet depth up to 8 pockets. And if you’ve got a specific collection of ‘lucky’ numbers you swear by, you can save up to 5 custom bet patterns for rapid one-click deployment.

But the personalisation doesn’t stop there. The game also boasts six vibrant table colour schemes to craft your unique visual vibe with just a click. A Turbo Mode is available for those white-knuckle, amped-up spin sessions. There’s even a slick zoom feature for hyper-focused close-up replays after every win so you can scrutinise each result like a hawk. If you crave customisation to optimise your online casino roulette experience, this game offers a great deal of flexibility.


If the custom options weren’t enough, Premier Roulette also packs a brilliant autoplay function for hands-off convenience. Just line up your favourite bet spread, punch in your spin parameters, and let this game’s automation do the rest.

Demo mode

For newbies looking to get their feet wet first, Premier Roulette’s no-risk demo mode is an essential starting point that can’t be ignored. Treat it like the ultimate practice gym for meticulously mapping out your lucky number strategies without a single hard-earned buck on the line. Sure, you’re spinning without any real money stakes attached. But don’t get it twisted. The raw essence of roulette’s thrill still courses through every single one of those demo spins. It’s the perfect risk-free method for logging serious table reps before you play Premier Roulette for real money.

And the game’s flawless mobile optimisation is an absolute game-changer. Whether you’re firing spins from an iPhone, Android, tablet or whatever mobile device, it automatically adjusts to deliver the same uncompromised experience on the go. Just load it up and start playing anytime, anywhere.

Premier Roulette table layout

When Microgaming crafts an online roulette game, you know the table layout will be downright immaculate. Premier Roulette is no exception, providing a beautifully clear interface that makes navigating wagers and gameplay options an absolute breeze. The main grid has a classic, instantly recognisable feel for seamless bets. But don’t overlook the adjacent Racetrack either. This is where you unlock the more advanced French-inspired call bet patterns. There’s even a handy dropdown menu listing every callbet variation for easy reference.

As you’d expect from a top-tier developer, this roulette layout comes stacked with all the essential utility buttons. These are:

  • Info (?): Quickly access the comprehensive rules and gameplay info with one click.
  • Game stats: This LED-style display tracks recent hot/cold numbers while the full history page feeds your stats cravings.
  • Video zoom: Activate close-up replays of the ball after every spin. Obsess over every detail.
  • Game speed: Toggle between regular and electrified turbo modes to crank betting action into overdrive.
  • Change table layout: Customise that table’s colour scheme and overall aesthetic vibe to craft your perfect setting.
  • Undo/Redo: Quickly undo or redo bet placements if you mess up or change your mind before the spin.
  • Clear/Repeat: One click to wipe the entire table and reset, or instantly repeat your last wager spread.
  • Regular/Expert mode: This button seamlessly swaps between the two gameplay modes for a tailored experience.
  • Play: After meticulously lining up your wagers, hit this to set the Premier Roulette wheel in motion.

Between the flawless table design and a wealth of intuitive gameplay controls, Microgaming nailed the virtual roulette experience here. Every last detail feels optimised for pure player satisfaction.

Premier Roulette online bets

Getting a handle on Premier Roulette’s bet options will feel like a walk in the park for most European Roulette purists. All the typical inside/outside bets you’d expect are fully represented on this virtual wheel. You’ll find all your favourites, like betting on columns, dozens, or the ever-reliable even-money propositions like Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low. If you know how to work a standard European Roulette table, Premier Roulette’s fundamentals will be instantly familiar.

But then there’s that delicious Racetrack area opening up a cosmos of tantalising call bet opportunities. From Les Orphelins and Tiers du Cylindre to Voisins du Zéro, all the French-inspired call bet classics are just a click away. Plus, unique options like Red Splits and Black Splits for those coveting wagering neighbours are available. What really separates Premier Roulette, though, is its dedicated Expert Mode, unlocking utterly wild call bet variations like:

  • Orphelins Plein: These are the same numbers as Les Orphelins but with straight-up bets instead of splits.
  • Zero game: Target that solitary zero socket and surrounding neighbours.
  • 007/Snake: An epic slithering snake-like pattern covering a massive slice of the table layout.
  • Other call bets: Unique props like Random 7, Finales en Plein, Number Combos, Chip Bombs and more.

Between standard fundamentals and outrageous call bets galore, Premier Roulette’s wager options feel comfortable and thrillingly exotic for even the most seasoned roulette grinders.

Premier Roulette Diamond edition

If the original Premier Roulette experience felt too stripped back for your tastes, the Premier Roulette Diamond edition kicks that full-blown casino immersion into overdrive. Expect nothing short of ambient casino noise pumped into your speakers. The game features a lively jazz soundtrack and hushed player chatter to that beloved ‘no more bets’ call from the dealer announcing each spin. The atmospheric details here are utterly on point.

While this version ditches the Racetrack, it makes up for it with supreme customisation. Personalise that tablecloth aesthetic and bask in luxurious micro-details that truly sell the premium online casino energy. The gloriously souped-up Turbo Mode is not just a lazy instant-resolution trick. Premier Diamond Edition Roulette puts that adrenaline-pumping acceleration on full, buttery-smooth display. It’s complete with normal ball motion that will mesmerise you on every spin.

Premier Roulette house edge and bet limits

Whether you’re vibing with the original Premier Roulette or going all-out on that Premier Roulette Diamond Edition luxury, you’re getting treated to the same player-friendly 2.70% house edge. This translates to a 97.3% return-to-player rate (RTP) percentage. As for betting flexibility, Premier Roulette delivers on this end, too. While the stakes cap is $1000, players can also wager as low as $0.25. Hover the cursor over any betting area, and those preset limits are transparently displayed in a tooltip.

For example, a classic straight-up bet on a single number valley can ride anywhere from $0.25 to $125. Even-money propositions like Red/Black or Odd/Even have wide-open bet limits between $2 and $1000. If you fancy Dozen bets, Premier Roulette’s got you covered with ranges spanning $1.75 to $875. Basically, whether you’re a conservative roulette player or a high-stakes veteran with immense bankroll energy, this game’s bet spreads accommodate virtually any experience level and stakes preference.

About Premier Roulette provider Microgaming

When a prominent and reliable developer like Microgaming is behind the reins, you know you’re in for a quality online casino experience. These pioneers have been dropping elite gaming products since 1994. Being the founding member of eCOGRA (the gold standard for fair and responsible gambling), Microgaming has integrity wired into its DNA. They don’t just talk the talk; they have every base covered, from quality to fairness and security of their games. Their PlayItForward initiative actively gives back to crucial areas like education and health.

If you crave that premium desktop or mobile gaming content backed by decades of industry-leading expertise, smart money says go with a Microgaming-powered casino every time. Responsible thrills and creative excellence are simply what these guys deliver.


When you stack up all the ingredients, Premier Roulette represents the total modern roulette package. This variant walks that razor-thin line between preserving beloved fundamentals and unleashing innovative new features flawlessly. You’ve got all those intuitive customisations, including turbo mode, 6 different table colours and ultra-accessible dual gameplay modes to vibe with. Reasonable betting ranges from $0.25 to $1000 and buttery-smooth mobile optimisation are locked and loaded, too. But it’s the little luxuries that truly set Premier Roulette apart. Microgaming’s uncompromising polish oozes from every nook and cranny, while that lavish Roulette Diamond Edition infuses the full-tilt casino fantasy like few others can. Simply put, this online casino game redefines what a complete next-gen roulette experience should feel like. Try it out in our recommended casinos!