Spingo is a unique combination of roulette and bingo. It is played on a wheel and is divided into coloured sectors. A player can choose to bet on a single number from 1 to 10, a range of numbers, red/blue/yellow colours, Even/Odd, and a green zero sector. After placing chips on one or more betting areas and clicking Spin, a player will see a collection of numbered balls shuffling under the spinning wheel. Then, one of the numbered balls is blown out through a transparent tube, falls onto the wheel and finally lands on any of the coloured pockets, thus determining a winning colour for that round. If the ball lands on a green cell, a player loses his bet. The Spingo roulette is developed by Microgaming.

Best casinos to play Spingo

What is Spingo?

Spingo is a unique variation of roulette with an element of bingo, hence the name (‘spin’ + ‘bingo’). Players can bet on different outcomes of a roulette spin, and the results are determined by a numbered ball. A Spingo wheel is divided into 25 wedges: eight of 3 different colours each (red, yellow, and blue) plus one zero slot.

The central part of the wheel features a transparent ball machine containing one zero ball and two of every other balls with numbers 1 to 10. After a bet is made, the wheel begins rotating, and a random ball is released onto it. 

In regular roulette, all results are based on a winning number, but Spingo takes classic roulette fun to the next level since a win combines two factors: the ball number and a roulette slot colour. 

Spingo user interface and settings

The roulette game has a modern, eye-catching design. It features a thoroughly drawn realistic wheel and other essential roulette elements, like stacks of chips and the unusual grid. The UI at the bottom features two buttons: Rebet and Rebet x2. The table layout looks unusual and elegant – it certainly differs from classic roulette versions. However, everything is intuitive: the blue, yellow, and red rows of identical numbers 1-10, outside areas (1-5, 6-10), and other parts of the Spingo table.

Settings and auxiliary information of a statistical nature are scarce here. All you can find is the History and some stats of the completed rounds. The hideable History panel, arranging the numbers in columns, shows about ten past results. It allows you to reckon the winning numbers at a glimpse.    

Bet types and payouts in Spingo

There are seven types of bets in Spingo. As you can see below, they combine different risk levels and volatilities, just like in classic roulette. If you like red/black options in European roulette, you can pick a 1-5 / 6-10 bet in Spingo. Similarly, risk-takers who enjoy betting on a single number should consider betting on a Combination bet. Spingo offers these bets:

  • Combination: A bet on a specific number and colour, e.g. Blue 2. You can win 31:1
  • Green: This stake brings you 23:1 if the ball lands on the green slot. 
  • Zero: If a zero ball is released onto the wheel, you will be awarded 19:1, no matter where this ball finally comes to rest.
  • Number bet: You bet on a number from 1 to 10. If you win, the award is 9:1. 
  • Colour bet: You bet on one of the three colours. The ball landing on your selected colour will earn you 2:1.
  • Odd/Even: Like in regular roulette, you win if the resulting pocket is even or odd. The zero ball leads to a loss on either bet. 
  • 1-5 / 6-10: This wager is similar to high/low, and so is the payout, 1:1.

You may mix the bets in any proportion and scope as you wish, thus leveraging the potential rewards. 

Spingo Roulette RTP

Now comes the most interesting part of the game, Spingo’s return to player. Well, you know that European Roulette has a 97.3% player edge, which is uniform across all types of bets. Whether you bet on Straight Up or red/black, you have the same return – sure, in the long run. As for Spingo, it works a bit differently because of the different number of pockets on the wheel. Now, we are going to do some math to coin the exact RTP figures.  

Let’s start with a Combination bet. The chance of hitting a certain number is 2 of 21, and the chance for your preferred colour is 8 of 25. (2/21 + 8/25) = 16/525. The game pays out 31:1 for this bet (or 32:1 if factoring the initial bet in) x 100. The RTP formula is ‘Payout w/ initial bet x Chance of Winning’. So, 32/1 x (16/525) x 100 = 97.52%.      

Let’s calculate the RTP for all bets in Spingo:

  • Combination: 97.52%
  • Green: 96%
  • Zero: 95.24%
  • Number bet: 95.24%
  • Colour bet: 96%
  • Odd/Even: 95.24%
  • 1-5 / 6-10: 95.24%

Conclusion: A Combination bet, which covers a specific number and colour simultaneously, e.g. 10 Blue, has the highest return. On the other hand, this is the hardest bet to win, since its hit frequency is only 16 of 525 (3.04%). The Green and Colour bets rank second with 96% each.  

Spingo Roulette bet sizes

The beautifully designed virtual table of Spingo roulette online features a Paytable & Bet Limits badge. Tap it to open the pop-up table that displays a breakdown of minimum and maximum bets per bet. Here is what you can see there:

  • Combination: $0.25 – $10
  • Green: $0.50 – $20
  • Zero: $0.50 – $20
  • Number bet: $0.75 – $30
  • Colour bet: $1 – $80
  • Odd/Even: $1 – $100
  • 1-5 / 6-10: $1 – $100

It is unknown whether Microgaming (Games Global) permits online casinos to alter the min/max range, so some online casino sites can have other bet selections rather than those listed above. 

Maximum winnings in Spingo Roulette

Knowing all the game properties, it is not that challenging to count the best possible real-money wins from each type of bet. The best reward is for a Green sector: If you hit it successfully, you will get $480 at max. The second-largest prospective win can be generated by the Zero sector, $400 at max, followed closely by a Combination bet, at $320. As for other bet options, you can easily figure out how much they can add to your bankroll.