If you enjoy fast-paced roulette gambling, then Turbo Roulette from G.Games will be the ideal title. A single round takes less than 3 seconds, but you won’t see the roulette wheel spinning and the ball rotating in the opposite direction until it halts a specific pocket. After hitting the Spin button, the winning number will be displayed, and payouts will be made if you win.

Roulette Turbo features an ER wheel with 37 slots (1-36 plus a single zero pocket). The online casino table game doesn’t feature the announced or call bets, but you can place the standard options like straight-up, split, red/black, column, etc. This online Turbo Roulette review will cover its rules, how to play, bet features, game limits, interface, and more.

Best casinos to play Turbo Roulette

About G.Games Turbo Roulette

This iGaming game developer was formerly known as Gamevy. It later changed to G.Games after its merger with Glück in 2018. However, the company has more experience since the former companies, Gamevy and Glück, were founded in 2013 and 2015, respectively. G. Games currently develops a wide range of online casino games, including lottery-based titles, online slots, and table games like Turbo Roulette,

The company is regulated by the UKGC, meaning its products are audited and tested for fairness to offer players a fair, honest, and rewarding gambling experience. G.Games’ Turbo Roulette is a medium volatility game with a 97.30% RTP. This is an excellent return to player percentage as it shows players can expect a decent return ($97.30) per $100 spent over a long gambling session.

Also, Roulette Turbo is mobile-compatible and supports multiple languages, including Swedish, German, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French, etc. The game features universal roulette rules and offers multiple betting features like Autoplay, among others, which makes gameplay more efficient and effortless. Its betting limits are also reasonable, accommodating all types of players. According to the provider’s site, Turbo Roulette has a maximum payout cap of $40,000.

Turbo Roulette game interface

The title’s main interface is covered by the roulette betting grid with a maroon felt. The roulette wheel doesn’t appear on the primary interface when you launch Turbo Roulette. Instead, it appears after clicking the Spin button for a brief moment with a close-up view of the section of the wheel of the winning number in the round.

Turbo Roulette features a betting grid with a single zero spot (in green) and numbers 1-36. You need to select your chip size from the chip tray below the grid and click on the specific spots on the layout to place your bets. For instance, click on any number to place a straight-up bet or put your chips between the line that separates two numbers on the betting grid to place a split bet.

The game allows you to switch to full-screen mode: Simply click the two arrows facing each other at the top right corner of the screen. Although Turbo Roulette doesn’t offer a detailed history of the last round’s results, you can only view the outcomes of the previous five rounds. These results are updated in real time at the top of the betting grid.

If you wish to switch off the game’s soft, ambient in-game music, click the gear icon on the bottom left of the screen and toggle the Music and SFX toggles under the volume tab. From here, you can also access the title’s betting limits, autoplay settings, and game rules (click the ‘i’ icon on the right). Your game balance, total bet per round, and win amount are located at the base of the interface.

Turbo Roulette game features

This online roulette title is built around fast gameplay for enthusiasts who enjoy many game rounds in a short period. While the game itself runs swiftly, these in-game betting features will enable you to play more effortlessly.


Turbo Roulette is an RNG table game, meaning gameplay starts when you’re ready to play a round. So, after you’re comfortable with the bets you’ve placed, click the Spin button on the bottom left corner of the interface to start a round. After a round ends, your previously placed bets will remain on the table. As such, you can click the Spin button to play another round with the same bets on the table.


The Undo button allows you to remove the last bet you’ve placed on the table. If you’ve put your chips in many spots on the table, you can click this button many times to remove these chips in the order you placed them until you’re satisfied.

Clear All

Suppose a round ends, and your bets in the previous round remain on the table, and you want to place new bets. In that case, you can remove all the chips from the table simultaneously by clicking the X button next to the Undo button.


Usually, when you click a spot on the betting grid more than once, you can stack chips of your selected bet amount to increase the total stake. However, if you have many bets on the table, you can click the ‘X2’ button to double all the wagers.

For instance, if you have placed four $5 roulette chips ($20 total) in various betting areas, clicking the X2 button will increase the total bet per spot to $10 ($40 total). When using this feature, please remember the Turbo Roulette betting limits. You cannot place more bets once the bet/table limit has been reached.


Turbo Roulette also features an Autoplay option that enables you to play many rounds without clicking the Spin button each time you want to play a round of Turbo roulette for real money. To launch this feature, place your desired bet(s) on the table and click the ‘AUTO’ button on the left of the spin button.

This will reveal options that enable you to customise the feature, setting how many rounds you wish (the possibilities are 30, 50, and 100 spins) and when the feature should stop automatically (when a single win or your balance reaches a particular value). Your selected bet(s) before activating Autoplay will be repeated in each round until your selected number of spins in Autoplay are used up or the feature stops.

During this feature, the Spin button will turn into a counter, displaying the number of remaining rounds in Autoplay. If you click this button, you manually stop Autoplay. Please note that since Turbo Roulette is fast-paced, autoplay rounds end quickly. Therefore, you must keep tabs on your bankroll as it can be exhausted rapidly.

Turbo Roulette betting limits

The Turbo Roulette table has a minimum bet limit of $1 and $1100 per spin, according to the provider’s terms. Still, you can find various Turbo Roulette online casinos with different stake limits (higher or lower). As such, we recommend checking these betting limits in your betting platform. Other than table limits, Turbo Roulette has limits for each bet type as follows:

  • Straight-up: $5
  • Split: $10
  • Street: $15
  • Corner: $20
  • Six Line: $30
  • Column and Dozen: $60
  • Even-money bets (red/black, high/low, and odd/even): $90.

Please note that once one of these specific bet limits has been reached on the table, you cannot add more chips to the same bet. The system will notify you of this.

Turbo Roulette game rules

If you’ve played the classic European Roulette title before, Turbo Roulette will be elementary to play. They feature the same gameplay, roulette wheel, table, and rules. The only difference is that Turbo Roulette is a swift version of the game, and you won’t see the wheel spinning until the ball comes to a rest on one pocket that determines the winning number.

When playing Turbo Roulette for real money, stick to the betting limits. For a more rewarding experience, you can employ various betting strategies to boost your winnings. However, please note that betting systems don’t guarantee 100% success. We recommend trying the free-to-play version of Turbo Roulette first to study gameplay and test various betting strategies.

How to play Turbo Roulette for real money

Once you’re ready to join a real money table, you can follow the below process to play Turbo Roulette online for real money:

  1. Join a top Turbo Roulette online casino and create an account.
  2. Top up the new account through any of the provided payment systems, such as cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  3. Launch the Turbo Roulette game from G.Games.
  4. Select your preferred bet size by choosing the corresponding chips from the tray.
  5. Put your chips on your preferred betting spots on the grid to place your bets.
  6. Lastly, hit the Spin button to start the game.

If any of your bet (s) wins, payouts will be awarded automatically. Remember, the winning number or colour is decided by the spot where the ball finally rests on the spinning roulette wheel.

Turbo Roulette bet options and payouts

As mentioned, this online roulette game has no racetrack betting field, meaning you cannot place announced or neighbour bets. Still, you can place the following popular roulette bets:

  • Straight-up: 35:1
  • Split: 17:1
  • Street: 11:1
  • Corner: 8:1
  • Six Line: 5:1
  • Column and Dozen: 2:1
  • Even-money bets (red/black, high/low, and odd/even): 1:1

Payouts in Turbo Roulette are made based on your winning bet plus your bet amount. For example, a winning straight-up bet on a $5 wager pays $175 (35×5), but your initial bet will be added to this amount, meaning you’ll win $180 ($17+$5).

Summary of Turbo Roulette

Picture this title as a quick-paced European Roulette game but without the possibility of placing announced bets. The game is still fun with the common roulette bets mentioned herein. You can place multiple bets simultaneously to try and increase your winning chances while also employing various betting strategies. The fast nature of Turbo Roulette is the selling point of this game for gamblers who don’t want to wait a while to get a round’s outcome. The game has a 97.30% RTP, acceptable betting limits, and a lucrative maximum win limit of $40,000, as per the provider’s website. Additionally, the Undo, Clear All, Double bet (X2), and Autoplay betting features will enable gamblers to play Turbo Roulette for real money more seamlessly.