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Roulette Pro is a popular variant of the single-zero European roulette that is currently developed by Games Inc. and Play’n GO. A player can make standard inside bets (straight, split, street, corner, six-line, trio, and first four), outside bets (even-money bets, dozen, and column), and call bets. Roulette Pro differs from other European-style roulette variants in that it offers a feature-rich gaming environment, i.e., players can view detailed statistics, hot/cold numbers (the numbers that tend to come out more frequently or rarely), bet type details, and other advanced stats. Some versions of Roulette Pro allow you to switch between views of the table, save favourite bets, and customise the table colour.

Best casinos to play Roulette Pro

Play’n GO European Roulette Pro

The Roulette Pro variant from Play’n GO was released in 2018, and it indeed offers a feature-rich outlook that will have you mesmerised during your entire gambling session.

For instance, the game provides a fast-play mode, which cuts the game-time short in every round by rushing the ball spin action. Simply put, the ball will instantly land on the pre-determined pocket once a round begins instead of spinning a few times on the rotating wheel before resting. Moreover, an automated computer voice professionally tells you when the betting time opens and closes. It’ll also announce the winning number after the round is over.

When it comes to betting sizes, the minimum set table limit is $1, whereas the maximum bet limit is pretty accommodating to high rollers, as you can bet as much as $1000.

Game interface

Once you launch it, the game is presented in a captivating manner with a birds-eye view of the whole setup. The game features a virtual 37-pocket wooden roulette wheel, and it’s placed on a table with a green felt and a partially black leather edge (the roulette wheel is housed in a glass edge), delivering an authentic atmosphere. Like in a real casino, you’ll see numerous chips of different values stacked next to the roulette wheel and multiple cups embedded on the table for putting the betting chips after a buy-in. A standard European roulette betting layout is imprinted on the felt, with a table grid for standard bets and a race track for the neighbours and call bets.

Betting features

Like standard online roulette titles, the game also offers various essential features for easy gameplay. For instance, you’ll find virtual betting chips ($1, $5, $10, $25, $100) on the bottom section of the playing interface. To make a bet, simply pick the one with your preferred value using the (< >) buttons and place it on your desired spot on the table grid or race track field. Other betting features include:

  • Undo: This button allows you to cancel your actions during the betting phase, starting from the last to the first. Therefore, each time you press the button, it’ll undo your last deed in reverse order.
  • Clear All: As the name implies, clicking this feature will remove all chips from the table and allow you to place new ones.
  • Double: Also known as a 2x button, clicking this button will increase your bet amount by doubling all the chips on the table. For instance, suppose you place a $1, $5, and $10 chip on different spots on the table grid, totalling your bet to $16, then hit the Double button. In that case, your bet amount will increase to $32, i.e., two $1 chips, two $5, and two $10. If you press it again, it’ll double your bet to $64 and keep increasing the more you click it, as long as the total bet amount is within the set maximum table limits.
  • Spin: This is a standard feature in online roulette variants. Once you’re done placing your bets, click this button, upon which the RNG software will start the round by spinning the ball anti-clockwise.
  • Stop: Unlike the features mentioned above, the Stop button is a pretty unique function in this online roulette variant. So, how does it work? Once a round begins, the green Spin button switches to a gold Stop function. Pressing this button stops the ball from spinning and instantly lands it in a random pocket, giving you partial control during gameplay.
  • Rebet: The golden Stop button turns to a lime green Rebet button immediately after a round is over. This feature allows you to place the exact bets (bet amount and type) as the ones in the previous round.
  • Marker: Like in a land-based casino, Play’n GO European Roulette Pro uses a dolly to mark the winning number. Once the ball rests on a pocket, the system automatically places the marker on the winning number on the table grid.
  • Clear Table: After a round is over, the Clear All button will change to Clear Table. Therefore, if you change your strategy and wish to place new bets, click this button, and all the chips will be cleared from the table. Under the Settings feature, you can also prompt the system to automatically clear the table after every round.

Favourites Bets

A star widget at the bottom of the UI represents this function, a feature that allows you to save your preferred bets for easy placement during gameplay. Once you place a bet and wish to save it, click the star icon, and a new window will pop up on the left side. Press the Save Current Bet option, and your bet will be saved as Custom 1. The window also has pre-set bets, such as individual call bets and straight-up bets, among others, which you can also save as your favourites. You can save up to a maximum of 7 favourite bets, and you can also delete a bet if you wish to replace it.

Statistics and other game features

One notable feature of the Play’n GO Roulette Pro is that the game offers Hot and Cold Number windows on the bottom left section of the UI. Simply put, the Hot Numbers display (in red) features numbers that tend to appear more frequently during spins, whereas the blue Cold Number window shows the pockets that the wheel has rarely landed on in the last five rounds. If you want to see a more detailed display, click the Statistics button and a wheel diagram representing the actual roulette wheel will appear right above the Hot/Cold Numbers window with red and blue sections. You’ll also see a display of the winning numbers in the previous 14 rounds at the top right section of the playing interface.

Furthermore, after every round, a window with a zoomed snapshot of the ball’s final resting pocket pops out right above the Hot/Cold Number display, giving you an up-close view of the winning number.

Games Inc. European Roulette Pro

Games Inc. is a licensed casino software vendor that provides three different variants of European Roulette Pro in collaboration with Thunderbolt Gaming. These titles include Low-Roller, Hi-Roller, and standard European Roulette Pro. The only significant difference between the three variants is the bet sizes.

The Low-Roller European Roulette Pro caters to low-budget players, allowing them to bet with as little as $0.01 and up to a maximum of $5000. High rollers can play the Hi-Roller variant, which features a minimum bet size of $1 and a maximum table limit of $10,000. Lastly, the standard variant accommodates both categories of players. The minimum allowed bet amount in this title is $0.1, whereas the maximum bet limit is $5000.

Game interface

The Games Inc. European Roulette Pro features an eye-catching grey-and-black colour combination. The game uses a virtual 37-pocket light grey roulette wheel with a black frame placed on a black-edged table with a grey surface.

Like standard European-style online roulette, the table features a fine printout of the table grid layout and a racetrack-shaped field right below it. The table grid comprises various betting spots, including numbers 0-36, three 2:1 spots, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18, 19-36, Even, Odd, Red, and Black. On the other hand, the race track represents the actual roulette wheel but with additional sections for the special bets. These fields include Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins, and Zero.

Regarding audio settings, the game features a soothing track as the background music and sound effects for the spinning ball and winning number. Your total bet amount, win amount, and account balance are displayed at the bottom section of the playing interface.

Betting features

The Games Inc. Roulette Pro variants have standard features similar to those of other single-zero online roulette titles but with slight differences. For instance, they provide numerous brightly coloured betting chips with multiple denominations ranging between $0.01 and $500. However, unlike most online roulette titles, once you select a chip, it will remain attached to the mouse cursor (even for the next round) until you pick a different chip.

Furthermore, the game features a Quick Play switch button, which, upon activation, will prompt the system to skip the spin action in every round and land the ball in the pre-determined position. Moreover, after a round is over, the winning number is marked with a virtual bouncing trophy widget instead of a dolly.

Aside from that, Games Inc. European Roulette Pro offers standard betting functions such as Rebet, Spin, Undo, Clear Bets, and Double (x2). It also provides a history display for the winning numbers in the last ten rounds. Red winning numbers are displayed in red, whereas the Black ones are displayed in white. You can also extend the Statistics window to show additional info, including hot and cold numbers.

Favourite Bets

This feature is only available on desktop platforms, and it allows you to save your favourite bets using your preferred name. Simply click the star icon, type the name you want under the Save bet as space, and hit the Play widget once you’re done. You’ll also find special bets under the star icon, but you can’t add them under your Favourite Bets tab.


Switching to autoplay mode allows the system to place bets and play the set game rounds on your behalf. You’ll find this feature on the left bottom section of the UI, next to the Rules (?) button. To use this feature, select your base betting chip, place it on your preferred spot on the betting fields, and then click the Autoplay button. The autoplay window will pop up, and you must choose the number of rounds you wish the system to play on your behalf from the pre-set figures (between 10 and 100).

The game also offers advanced settings on when to stop the autoplay feature, including on any win, if a single win exceeds the set amount, and if your account balance increases or decreases by the set figure.

How to play Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro gameplay is pretty standard across all of its variants. For starters, the game’s primary objective is for you to accurately predict where the ball will land once the spin is over. Therefore, to play Roulette Pro for real money or in demo mode, you must first find an online gambling platform with the game in its portfolio, create a player account, and launch the game. Real money players will have to deposit into their accounts before opening the game.

Afterwards, select the betting chip with your desired value, place it on the spot you believe will be the ball’s final resting pocket, and hit the Spin button to start the round. The ball will be spun around the wheel in the opposite direction a few times and settle on one of the pockets, determining the winning number. You can switch to Fast/Quick Play mode if you wish to skip the ball spin.

Summary to Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro is an exciting online roulette variant by Games Inc. and Play’n GO, licensed and reputable software providers in the iGaming industry. The game is played using a single-zero roulette wheel, meaning it adheres to standard European-style rules. Therefore, you can place the standard inside and outside bets, neighbours, and French bets (Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, and Jeu Zero). However, Roulette Pro provides a few advanced features to make it stand out from standard online roulette titles. For instance, the game features detailed history stats, including hot and cold numbers, fast play mode, autoplay functions, and favourite bets widget, among others.