Enjoy some Oriental roulette action in 1x2Gaming’s Chinese Roulette. The game offers newbies and experienced players a chance to play roulette with a different table format. Instead of 36 numbers in standard roulette, Chinese Roulette presents 12 Chinese zodiac signs on the table and wheel. Thus, the typical roulette gameplay is retained but with a different layout and bet payouts. However, inside and outside bets are available in this online roulette game. 

With a 97.30% RTP and acceptable wager limits, the Chinese roulette game will provide you with all the casino entertainment you need. The maximum real money payout is $10,000, and that’s fine. In this guide, we provide all the information you need to know about Chinese roulette. You’ll also learn how to play Chinese roulette for real money.

Best casinos to play Chinese Roulette

Chinese Roulette rules

Chinese Roulette is a unique 1x2Gaming-powered game that uses Chinese zodiac signs instead of traditional numbers. The wheel is divided into 13 sectors, twelve of which represent animal signs (e.g., Tiger, Snake, Dog, Ox, etc.), and the ‘∞’ symbol acts as a zero slot. There are inside and outside bets in the Chinese roulette game. 

The inside bets are a straight bet (which pays out 11 to 1), split bets (5 to 1), trio bets that involve an ‘∞’ slot (4 to 1), corner bets (2 to 1), one even-money bet (Positive/Negative), and two bet types similar to dozen and column bets (both pay 3 to 1). 

So on a one-dollar bet, the house pays you a maximum of $11. Since the Chinese roulette wheel has 37 slots where the ball may land, the house edge is 2.7% as a standard European roulette.

Design and Layout in Chinese Roulette

The Chinese inspiration is littered across the game design and table layout. Generally, the graphic design and soundtrack are on the basic side. However, there’s a mix of colours on the roulette wheel and table. For instance, icons/signs like Tiger, Horse, and Dog appear in yellow, while Rabbit, Goat, and Pig are placed in a blue pocket. Dragon, Monkey, and Rat each have a red pocket, while Snake, Rooster, and Ox appear in a green slot. 

You can place bets on colour categories on the table, such as Air for yellow, Water for blue, Fire for red, and Earth for green. So, each colour category covers 3 zodiac signs on the table. The Season bets include Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and each bet also covers 3 zodiac signs. The Positive/Negative bet divides the table into two (6 zodiac signs on each side), making it the only even-money bet on the table. 

In addition to the game table, you’ll see the roulette wheel. The wheel comprises all the symbols on the table and their colours. There are 37 pockets on the wheel, and the “∞” (Infinity) icon occupies one of them. The remaining 36 pockets are for the 12 symbols on the table. Thus, each zodiac sign has 3 possible pockets on which the ball can fall.

Bet limits and game info in Chinese Roulette

This Chinese roulette game has a 97.30% RTP, which is the same as European roulette. You can wager on each round with stakes of $0.25 to $200, which is good for low- and medium-rollers. The maximum real-money payout isn’t clear. However, all indications point to a possible maximum win of $10,000 per round. 

You can access the game rules by clicking/tapping the ‘?’ icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen. You can also access the paytable from that section. Additionally, the navigation button allows you to choose the game quality you want between low and high. You may adjust the sound button to suit your preference. 

How to play Chinese Roulette

The gameplay of Chinese roulette is the same as that of other roulette variants. Apart from the number of icons on the game table, the major difference in gameplay is the odds at which players can win. The payout odds are much lower in this game.

To play Chinese roulette for real money, you must fund your account. Open the game and click/tap on any chip that represents how much you want to stake. Drag that chip and place it on any icon or bet type on the game grid. For each round, you can place multiple chips on different icons or bet types, provided your wager can support them. Afterwards, press the Spin button on the screen.

The roulette ball begins to spin around the wheel and will eventually rest on any pocket. If the ball rests on a pocket linked to the icon/bet type you wagered on, you win that round. However, if the ball stops on any other icon/bet type, you lose your bet. The round ends for you after the spin – whether you win or lose. Therefore, there’s no bonus game or special feature in this Chinese roulette game.

Mobile Chinese Roulette

1x2Gaming has made this roulette title for play on smartphones. It works well on Android and iOS devices via a web browser. Some Chinese roulette online casinos have mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Thus, you can play at any time you want. Once you have an active account, you can fund it on the mobile casino and enjoy the Oriental action to the fullest.

Summary to Chinese Roulette

Chinese roulette is an interesting take on the traditional roulette game. It draws some inspiration from European roulette, including the 97.30% RTP and a single zero, which is depicted with an infinity sign. The idea of signs, instead of numbers, makes the game engaging. The payout odds are much lower than what you get in standard roulette, but that doesn’t make the game less fun.

There’s no bonus feature in the game, but you can place multiple bets on the table. The bet limits are good, though high rollers might look elsewhere. The maximum win amount per round is around $10,000, which is acceptable. You can play Chinese roulette at any of our recommended online casinos and have a great time in Asia.