Released to the market in 2015, Easy Roulette is a 37-pocket European-style roulette from iSoftBet. The company has been developing online casino games since 2010, and Easy Roulette complements the company’s online roulette collection, which features other exciting variants such as European Roulette Silver, European Roulette Small Bets, Gem Roulette, etc. The game features a standard European roulette betting field for placing the main bets and a race track for placing special bets. One notable feature of this game is that the roulette wheel is always hidden from view until a player places all bets and clicks the Spin button. This review will provide more information regarding the game, its playing interface, and rules, among others.

Best Casinos to play Easy Roulette

Easy Roulette game interface

With tons of online roulette variants in the iGaming industry, iSoftBet has truly demonstrated its commitment to competing for the top spot when it comes to user-friendly gaming interfaces and features.

To begin with, Easy Roulette incorporates an eye-catching colour combination, with red as its background colour and gold on the edge of the gaming window. An intriguing fact about the game is that you can customise the background colour to your liking between red, green, and blue, giving you control over the game’s appearance.

Audio settings

During gameplay, you’ll hear a soothing jazz track and people interacting in the background as they do in a land-based casino, delivering an authentic casino atmosphere to its players. There’s also an automated computer voice that announces the winning bets after every round, a feature that’s pretty common in the best online roulette titles. You can turn off the players’ voices, background music, and automated voice or simply mute the game’s sound if you wish to play in a silent setup.

Betting area

As mentioned earlier, the game features a standard European roulette betting layout shown in full size and a racetrack-shaped field representing the actual roulette wheel, which is shown as a thumbnail at the top of the gaming window. Putting the mouse cursor over the thumbnail enlarges it and, at the same time, shrinks the full-sized image that’s currently displayed. By swapping the fields, a player can place various types of bets, i.e., the standard betting field is for placing main roulette bets, while the race track is for special bets such as neighbours and finals.

Easy Roulette is played using a European roulette wheel, meaning the racetrack-shaped field comprises 37 pockets (a zero-numbered pocket and numbers 1-36). Like in the standard European roulette main betting grid, the Easy Roulette betting board is made up of various betting sections, including numbers 1-36, 1st 12, 1 to 18, Even, 2nd 12, Black, Red, 3rd 12, Odd, and 19 to 36. On the far left of the betting layout is the zero-numbered spot, while the far right features three 2 to 1 betting boxes.

Betting features

To enable a seamless gambling session during gameplay, the game provider has embedded various widgets into the Easy Roulette playing interface.

  • Betting chips: Like any other table casino game, Easy Roulette is played using chips. Therefore, whether you are playing for real money or using fun credits, the game provides you with various multi-coloured chips with different monetary values within the game’s betting limits. The chips are placed on the bottom left side of the gaming window.
  • Undo: This button allows you to revoke your last action in reverse order. For instance, suppose you place a $0.1 chip on number 5, a $1 chip on 3rd 12 afterwards, and a $5 chip on black. In that case, when you press the Undo button, it will remove the $5 chip first, then the $1 next if you press it again, and lastly, the $0.1 chip.
  • Redo: Pressing this button will repeat your last action. For instance, if you click this button immediately after placing a $5 chip on the 1st 12 betting spot, the system will place another $5 chip on the same field.
  • Cancel Bet: This button allows you to remove a specific bet if you change your mind before starting a round. For instance, if you place a straight-up bet, split, and corner but wish to remove the split bet from your bet collection, click the Cancel Bet button and select the bet you want to delete (split in this case).
  • Cancel All: As the name implies, Cancel All acts as a reset button during the betting process. It will remove all active bets, and you can then start placing new bets.
  • Spin: This is among the most essential functions in the game as it initiates the wheel and ball spin in every round. Once you press this button, the virtual roulette wheel will appear and start spinning in one direction and the ball in the opposite.
  • Rebet & Spin: If you still believe your current bet can win in the next round, wait for that draw to end, then click the Rebet & Spin button. This action will prompt the Easy Roulette system to place the exact bet from the recently ended round in the new one and start the spin immediately.
  • Winning Bets: For detailed information on your wins during a round, you can click this button, and it’ll give a list of your winning bets with details such as the exact winning bet type, winning amount for that bet type, and the total payout from all your winning bets in that round.
  • Last Bet: Clicking this button will show you the bets you placed in the recently ended round.

Results and other game features

The results window displays the outcomes of the last ten rounds during your gambling session. The list automatically updates itself immediately after a round ends. Right below the Results window are three multi-coloured buttons (red, green, and blue), which, upon clicking, will change the background colour.

Moreover, the bottom middle section of the playing interface displays your account balance, current bet amount, and total winnings in the recently concluded round. Once you start placing bets for the next round, the figures will change.

Autoplay feature in Easy Roulette

The autoplay feature can be switched on/off under the game settings (spanner icon). But what does it do? If enabled, the autoplay function allows the system to automatically place bets on your behalf in a predefined number of rounds. This means when you switch from manual to autoplay mode, you’ll be required to enter your preferred bet size (by choosing a chip with your desired value) for every round and select the number of rounds you wish to be played by the system.

Easy Roulette bet sizes

One of the key things a player considers before joining a real-money roulette table is the set bet limits, as it helps them determine whether it suits their gambling budget. The Easy Roulette bet limits are pinned at the bottom left corner of the screen, and they’re pretty friendly to players of all budgets. Low-budget players can bet with as little as $0.1, but the maximum allowed bet amount is $50, which is ideal for high rollers.

Types of bets in Easy Roulette

Since it’s designed based on the European roulette version, the game offers the same betting options, including inside, outside, and special bets. Below is a brief overview of these bets.

Inside bets

These are bets placed on the inside section of the table, and they consist of a single number or a group of numbers.

  • Straight-up: Bet on a single number (35:1 payout)
  • Split: Placed on two neighbouring numbers (17:1)
  • Street: Placed at the end of any row of numbers in the betting field (11:1)
  • Corner: Entails betting on four adjoining numbers visually forming a square on the betting board (8:1)
  • Line: Requires you to place your chips at the intersection of two neighbouring rows, covering six numbers (5:1)

Outside bets

These are bets placed on the outside section of the betting grid.

  • Red/Black: This bet wins if the ball lands on either a red pocket or a black one (1:1 payout)
  • Odd/Even: Entails betting on the even numbers or the odd ones (1:1)
  • 1 to 18/19 to 36: This bet is based on whether you believe the ball will land in the first 18 numbers or the last 18 (1:1)
  • Dozens: Requires you to place your chips on one of the spots labelled 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12, covering 12 numbers in a single bet (2:1)
  • Column: Entails placing your chips on one of the betting spots, also covering 12 numbers in a single bet (2:1)

Neighbour bet

This bet is placed on the racetrack-shaped field, and it covers the selected number plus the two on its left side and the two on its right (35:1 payout).

Voisins du Zero

This bet covers all numbers closest to the zero-labelled pocket. Therefore, it entails 2 street bets, 5 splits, and a corner bet. Each bet offers individual payouts.

Tiers du Cylindre

Covers 27,33, and the numbers in between on the side opposite the zero-numbered pocket (17:1 payout).


Comprises the two remaining sections not covered by Tiers du Cylindre and Voisins du Zero. It entails one straight-up bet and four splits (35:1 or 17:1).

How to play Easy Roulette

To begin playing for real money or with virtual credits, you must first pick an online casino with Easy Roulette in its game library and sign up for a player account. Afterwards, real-money players can deposit into their accounts and proceed to the lobby to launch the game.

Whether you’re playing on your desktop or mobile device, the game will have a standard gaming interface. Therefore, once you’re ready, you must first choose a chip with your preferred value and place it on either the main betting field or the race track. The game features easy roulette rules since all you have to do is place your bet on where you believe the ball will land once it stops spinning. You can apply various betting systems such as Martingale, Parlay, Fibonacci, etc., but there’s no easy way to win roulette since the game is mainly based on luck.

Once you’ve placed your bets, click the Spin button to start the round. RNG software automatically performs this action, with the wheel spinning in one direction and the ball spinning in the opposite direction. After a few whirls, the ball will land on one of the pockets, and the automated voice will announce the winning bets.

Summary to Easy Roulette

With the online gambling industry being in existence for almost three decades, you can expect nothing short of intriguing online roulette titles. Easy Roulette has indeed upheld European roulette standards and also offers a few unique gaming features. For instance, the game allows you to personalise the table felt, and you can change between three colours depending on your mood during a session. Being a variant designed based on the European roulette version, the game offers standard betting options, including inside, outside, and special bets. This Easy Roulette review has covered the game in detail, including its playing interface, bet limits, and rules, among others.