Roulette Odds

Luck is the determining factor when it comes to playing the game of Roulette. The roulette odds are not difficult to figure out. If luck is on the player's side they can walk away with up to 35 times their wager. The roulette wheel is divided into either 37 or 38 pockets depending on if the player is playing the European or the American version. Everyone wonders what the 0 space is for, well it symbolizes the house edge. With playing the single '0' version the house advantage is 2.7% and 5.26% for the '00' version. The information in this article will explain the roulette wheel odds and statistics.

Roulette table odds are determined with easy mathematical calculations. You just need to know the total number of pockets and the ones to which the bet applies. After that, even a beginner can count the odds for each specific game round in roulette. We are going to show the examples in this review.

Odds in any game can be put in two formats: odds for or against the player. For example, you can see the 36:1 format in one source and 1:36 in another. In fact, they show the same probabilities but in reverse order. The most widespread way of putting roulette odds is the one that expresses the probabilities of a loss, i.e. 36:1 (for a straight-up bet ).   

What are odds in the general sense?

Every game of chance has a negative mathematical expectation, meaning the house always has an advantage in the long run. If roulette had no zero sections, the winning odds would be 1:1. However, the presence of one or two zero pockets tilts the scales on behalf of the online casino. 

The odds are a ratio of the probability that any event will occur to the probability that it will not occur. Let’s look at this example: There are 37 numbers in European roulette. The player bets on Red, which covers 18 red numbers. So, the probability of getting Red on the next spin is 18 out of 37, and the chance of losing is 19 to 37. Let’s stick to uniform writing in this review and denote the odds against winning, which will be 19:18 in the case of Straight-Ups.

French / European roulette odds

A standard European roulette wheel has 37 slots, one of which is zero. So the roulette odds scheme will look as follows:

  • Straight: 36:1 against the player
  • Split: 35:2
  • Street: 34:3
  • Corner: 33:4
  • Basket (or First Four – 0, 1, 2, 3): 33:4
  • Six Line: 31:6 
  • Column: 25:12
  • Dozen: 25:12
  • Red or Black: 19:18
  • Even or Odd: 19:18
  • Low or High: 19:18

You should not confuse the winning odds and payouts, as the latter are a bit lower than the former. While the odds for a Straight Up are 36:1, the payout is 35:1. Similarly, the even-money bet odds are 1 1⁄18 to 1, while the payout is 1:1. In online and live roulette, you always earn a little less than your odds. The same applies to American roulette.

American roulette odds

Playing this roulette variation is less beneficial for a player—though equally fun. This is because AR has two house sectors. The implication is that a player is going to lose more often than in European roulette. Here is a breakdown of the winning odds when you play American Roulette for real money. 

  • Straight: 37:1 against the player
  • Split: 36:2
  • Street: 35:3
  • Corner: 34:4
  • Basket (or First Four – 0, 1, 2, 3): 34:4
  • Six Line: 32:6 
  • Column: 26:12
  • Dozen: 26:12
  • Red or Black, Even or Odd, Low or High: 20:18

The best odds in roulette

A careful reader might already have concluded that the best odds in roulette are leveraged if you bet on even-money outside bets. If doing so, the winning odds are 48.65% and 47.37% in European and American roulette, respectively. If you combine red/black (or other 1-to-1 bets) with other outside bets, e.g., low/high, the aggregate odds of roulette will be even better.   

‘Does roulette have the best odds compared to other online casino games?’ you would ask. The answer is ‘no.’ Though you can break even almost every second round in your roulette sessions, some game types have better odds, e.g., most crash games and some variants of video poker. On the other hand, combining a few types of bets in roulette will give you excellent winning chances.