System Titanic

Most roulette betting strategies work best when wagering on even-money bets like odd/even or red/black. However, this is not the case with the roulette System Titanic. This betting strategy works best with dozen bets that pay 2:1. The idea of the Titanic system is to place bets on dozens, which pay more often. Therefore, the player should try to guess the next dozen to come. The player has got 6 attempts. Every time the player fails to do it, he needs to increase his bet. As soon as the player wins, they come back to the very beginning of the betting cycle. This means that you need to start from the smallest bet.

About System Titanic betting strategy

There’s no well-documented history of the System Titanic roulette strategy. However, this betting system seems to be an adaptation of the more popular Martingale strategy, named after a casino owner in the 18th century. The relationship between these two betting systems emerges from their progressive betting style, where, after each loss, you double your bet size with the objective of recovering your previous losses and making a profit.

While the precise origin of this betting system is unclear, it gained fame due to its association with the Titanic ship, which sank after hitting an iceberg in 1912. The System Titanic roulette strategy may not have the same fate as the ship, but the analogy is that at some point, the betting system may not yield the desired results. It’s not foolproof.

It should be noted that the Titanic system belongs to the huge class of professional betting systems for American roulette. Still, the strategy is quite simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge or experience in the sphere of roulette. This system can be profitable, but you need to follow the strategy rules properly.

Understanding the System Titanic roulette strategy

Based on statistics, this betting system will result in a profit in 7/10 game rounds. Here’s how it works: You start by deciding your initial bet size, let’s say $100. Of course, since this betting system works with dozens, you must place your chips on one of the sections marked ‘1st 12,’ ‘2nd 12,’ or ‘3rd 12.’

As mentioned, this is a progressive betting system, and as such, you must increase your initial bet amount after a loss. The algorithm in System Titanic in roulette has a maximum of six rounds, after which you start the algorithm from the beginning. Let’s look at the following win-and-lose scenarios with the System Titanic betting strategy with an initial bet size of $100.

Bet size on a dozen:

  • Round 1: $100
  • Round 2: $100
  • Round 3: $200
  • Round 4: $300
  • Round 5: $400
  • Round 6: $600

Accumulated loss in case you lose:

  • Round 1: -$100
  • Round 2: -$200
  • Round 3: -$400
  • Round 4: -$700
  • Round 5: -$1100
  • Round 6: -$1700

Net profit in case you win:

  • Round 1: +$200
  • Round 2: +$100
  • Round 3: +$200
  • Round 4: +$200
  • Round 5: +$100
  • Round 6: +$100

The Algorithm (1;2;3)

If the first bet doesn’t win, the player needs to switch to 2 consecutive bets. If two bets do not win, the player needs to switch to 3 successive bets. As a result, the player has 6 bets (1+2+3).

When the player starts to play roulette for real money, they need to pick the dozen that won last. Then the player places the first bet, let’s assume $100. In case of defeat (another dozen came into play), the player places his second bet on the dozen that came into play.

According to our table, the bet should be $100. If this bet was unsuccessful, you need to stick to this step, e.g. placing another bet on this dozen. This means that you will bet on this dozen two times. In case of another loss, you will need to make your third bet on this dozen, but this time, your bet should be $200.

As you can see, we have enlarged our interval. In the first case, it was just one attempt. In the second case – 2 attempts. If it was unsuccessful again, you should pick another dozen which won last. In this case, your fourth bet should be $300, and your interval should be enlarged to 3 attempts.

Use this scheme to place $300 as the fourth bet, $400 as the fifth bet, and $600 as the sixth bet on the same dozen. If you managed to win regardless of the stage, you should go back to the step at which you won. You will then start your new betting cycle at this stage. If 6 consecutive bets fail, you should just go on. In this case, you have to admit your defeat and loss of the money.

Variations of the System Titanic roulette strategy

This betting strategy in roulette has various variations that players may consider:

  • Titanic ‘Downstream’: This variation suggests that, after a win, you start the algorithm from the beginning with the winning dozen.
  • Titanic ‘Against the Current’: In this version, after a win, you wait for any other dozen to win and then commence the algorithm with that winning dozen. This System Titanic algorithm variation is well applicable in online roulette games where gameplay starts after a certain period or in live roulette games. You can still employ this algorithm in other online roulette games, but you must play a round with another bet option, say, even money bets, so as to stick with the strategy’s algorithm.
  • Algorithm (3;3 with stream): According to this scheme, you should place three consecutive bets on the dozen that occurred last. If the first three bets failed, you should switch to another dozen which occurred last (on your third bet).  In this case, you place three other bets on this dozen. Thus, you will constantly increase your bets (3+3). The betting cycle should end once your bet pays.

Pros of using the System Titanic roulette strategy

The System Titanic betting strategy provides gamblers with some sense of control and structure in their gambling style since they stick to a predetermined betting progression. This can be very appealing to expert players since it maintains betting discipline, which may yield profits.

Besides that, this betting system is easy to grasp and doesn’t require any unique expertise or experience to incorporate into your roulette gambling adventure. Once you study the progression algorithm (1;2;3), you can quickly use it to try to increase your winning chances.

Moreover, the System Titanic roulette strategy has several variations that may be applied to your gameplay. You can try the available variations and stick to the one that works best for you. In addition, the potential short-term profits offered by this system are impressive. So, with its 7 out of 10 game profit stats, players can expect decent returns in successive winning streaks when using the System Titanic in roulette.

Cons of using the System Titanic roulette strategy

Of course, like other roulette betting strategies, one of the primary shortcomings of the System Titanic approach is that it doesn’t offer a 100% success guarantee. The strategy doesn’t change the fundamental roulette odds and house edge; it only increases your chances of winning by following a specific betting pattern.

The system takes a non-conservative approach to gambling, hence coming with a massive risk of enormous losses due to its progressive nature. In case you get a losing streak where you don’t win after the six rounds, you’ll incur significant losses, as evident from our example above.

You need a sufficient bankroll to effectively use the System Titanic betting strategy due to its progressive nature. A considerable bankroll will help you ride out losing streaks during gameplay before you can start making some profit. Also, hitting the set maximum bet limits in your top online roulette casinos is easy with this system. If this happens, you cannot progress with the system, thus leading to losses.

System Titanic roulette strategy tips

Here are a few considerations to make the System Titanic betting strategy more effective:

  • The betting system is designed for Dozen bets. Therefore, for the best results, we recommend that you don’t use it with other roulette bet options like red/black, etc.
  • System Titanic in roulette requires a considerable bankroll for maximum effectiveness. However, if you have a limited balance, you can still use this betting system in your gameplay. All you need to do is start with a lower bet size ($2, $5, $10) so that you don’t exhaust your balance quickly.
  • Suppose you’re new to this roulette betting strategy. In that case, we recommend that after learning how it works on this page, you get a hands-on experience of its functionality by playing the demo versions of online roulette. That way, you’ll practice using the betting system without risking your actual funds. Afterwards, when you’re confident, you can use the system in real money mode.
  • You can use roulette bonuses offered by your respective online casinos for more joy. However, we advise players to check the attached conditions, especially the maximum bet limit, while using the bonus. You cannot continue if you reach this bonus bet limit during the progressive system. This means you won’t exploit the maximum efficiency of the system.


The System Titanic roulette strategy is pretty straightforward to use once you study it. Fortunately, this review has exhaustively covered how it works and its various variations. You can experiment with these variations to determine your preferred option. While these variations offer some adjustments to the Titanic roulette system, the underlying principles are the same: Follow the betting algorithm while increasing your bet amounts accordingly up to a maximum of six rounds. The System Titanic betting strategy recommends betting on Dozen bets that win more often for the best results. Furthermore, our tips for using the strategy and pros and cons sections will help you decide if the system matches your gambling style.