Online casinos try to be friendly to all types of players, especially high rollers. That is why some providers have put out special VIP versions for roulette fans. Roulette VIP from iSoftBet, Evolution, Fazi, and some other companies differs from regular roulette in that it is tuned to the preferences of heavy bettors or has a gorgeous design associated with luxury. Roulette VIP is a good alternative for regular European or American roulette games if you want to add sophistication and high betting limits to your online casino experience. This review will explore the most trendy Roulette VIP games and give insight into their rules, payouts, and other essential aspects.

Best casinos to play Roulette VIP

Roulette VIP by iSoftBet

Roulette VIP, created by iSoftBet, is a classic European roulette with high table limits that vary across online casinos and can reach thousands of dollars (euros). The wheel of Roulette VIP has numbers from 1 to 36 plus a zero pocket. A player can place a wide range of traditional inside and outside bets, and clicking the Group Bet button opens a panel for making call bets. The other features are Autoplay with advanced options, a window showing the outcome of the recent ten rounds, a rules window, a paytable and game settings (video quality, sound, effects, etc.).

The game has a helpful Statistics panel showing a few charts: Red/Black, Odd/Even, and Low/High percentages in an intuitive format. These statistical details cover the last 500 spins, which is more than sufficient for any player to get the trend and make smarter betting decisions. Moreover, the same Statistics popup displays the number of balls since the last zero. Looking at this value, you can also customise your bet decisions. 

Payouts are typical of any European Roulette with no exceptions whatsoever. If you want to learn how to play Roulette VIP by iSoftBet, you can open the game and click the Rules button, which will show a complete description of the game. 

Live VIP Roulette by Evolution

VIP Roulette, developed by Evolution, is a mainstream European roulette game in which over 100 users are seen playing simultaneously, judged by the branded Evolution tracker in the lobby. What sets it apart is a huge maximum bet of $20,000 (even-money options), which many high rollers will find pitch-perfect. What’s curious is that low rollers are also among the target audience since the minimum acceptable bet is 50 cents. 

Of course, the table limits will differ across live casinos, but the trend is clear. Another thing about betting: You may make a $1000 bet on a single number.

Evolution’s VIP live roulette has all the iconic features peculiar to the provider’s catalogue: 

  • +Table button: If you want to play more than one game at a time, click ‘+Table’ to enter the branded lobby and pick another game.
  • Statistics module: A powerful tool showing hot/cold numbers as a radial bar chart. Besides, you can bet on all hot or cold numbers at once, making one click. You’ll also find advanced stats and the last 500 numbers here. Generally, this statistically rich environment is one of the reasons for the game’s popularity. 
  • Perfect video quality: If your broadband is sufficient for the game, you’ll enjoy a real HD television-quality stream. 

VIP Roulette by Fazi

This VIP live roulette variation has two mystery jackpots awarded at random. What’s more, each progressive jackpot has a so-called win zone. For the Diamond Jackpot, it is $1000 – $1200, the Gold Jackpot has a $3500 – $9000 zone, and the Platinum can be triggered at $5000 to $20,000.  

The mystery jackpots are permanently fixed on the screen and consist of a seed value and the accumulated amounts. As with any progressive-type jackpot, a part of the player’s real-money stake is taken to feed the pool. Interestingly, the probability of hitting a jackpot correlates positively with the bet size, so high rollers definitely have a higher chance of getting it at any paid spin. 

About the bet sizes: The rules clearly state that the minimum and maximum bets are subject to the sole discretion of an online casino. When creating this review, we visited a few online casinos and found that the top bet can be as high as $180,000. This is an unbelievable ceiling. Games like that can be counted on one hand.

Live experience in Fazi’s VIP roulette

The panel demonstrating the video stream is small, and there is no option to enlarge it, which deteriorates the overall impression. The dealer’s movements are robotic and monotonous – we have the feeling the studio uses pre-recorded videos on the betting stage because the dealer’s actions are repetitive. We found no live chat in the game.

In other aspects, the VIP Roulette by Fazi is good. It has a hideable Special Bets panel and an Auto-betting feature (5 to 1000 spins) with a few Stop conditions. 

Another exciting feature activates the moment the winning number lands on the wheel. The game shows all sectors on the table affected by the winning number. For example, if number 10 lands, you will see Black, Low, Even, and other bet types, where number 10 is present, blinking. Similar to the VIP live roulette by Evolution, Fazi’s title features intuitive statistics with a diagram showing the percentage of red/black and other aspects.        

Generally, we would recommend playing Evolution’s version if you want a memorable live roulette experience. Fazi’s one comes short of many features a regular player would expect to find in a live roulette.

VIP European Roulette by Spinomenal

The game is for all, as its table limits are $0.01 to $100 (these may vary in different online casinos). This Roulette VIP has a basic visual design without bells and whistles attached. The wheel itself is not visible until after it begins spinning, at which point it pops up from the left edge and covers the massive table grid. 

Automatic play is also implemented with a choice of 5 to 100 autospins (or indefinitely long); however, a player may not set triggers that discontinue the automatic session. VIP European roulette has no call or neighbour bets. The top payout is 35:1 on a Straight Up, with no bonus features present.

Fairly, it’s not clear why the provider named its game VIP. Its bet range is not for high rollers; the graphics are basic, and no jackpots are available. Anyway, the game is not bad, so we can recommend that you give it a try. 

Roulette VIP by Red Rake

This 2019 release is the most visually appealing online roulette in the VIP Roulette series. It cannot compete with live game titles by spectacularity, but the features and artwork are excellent. The screen displays a 37-pocketed wheel on the left and the grid on the right. You can hide the wheel by switching a toggle on the screen. Notably, you will have a racetrack with four announced bets and a widget for selecting the number of neighbours for a neighbour bet.

The provider’s official site showcases the demo version of Roulette VIP, with bet sizes of $0.1 to $100 per round. We hope online casinos are allowed to customise these limits to high rollers. The online roulette has a Favouties feature, enabling you to save five favourite bet patterns and make on-click placement of chips on the table. There are only six chip values: $0.10, $0.50, $1, $5, $10, and $25. 

To summarise the game, roulette fans are encouraged to visit an online casino with a Red Rake collection and find a Roulette VIP in the lobby. 

European Roulette VIP by Gaming1

This is a streamlined European roulette version with a great set of features. The maximum bet is fixed at $800, and it seems casinos cannot change that. Because of the minimum $1 bet, low rollers will find the game above their budget expectations. The blue background and the wheel design look fine, though the user interface could be improved. 

A player can switch between views, replacing the grid with the racetrack and vice versa. In addition to the traditional announced bets, European Roulette VIP also has Red Split and Black Split bet options, which are rarely found in other games. The RTP is normal, 97.3%, as in other European roulette games. Chips come in six values: $1, $2, $5, $10, $50, and $100.     


Online casinos offer special services to high rollers. If they want to get a roulette experience with high bets, there is no better option than loading a Roulette VIP featuring high maximum limits. As of today, this roulette variation has been rolled out by a few providers, such as iSoftBet, Evolution, and Fazi. The winning odds and payouts in VIP versions are identical to regular European roulette, but the winnings can be way higher due to increased table limits. Players with small bankrolls are still welcome to play VIP Roulette because some variations have low minimum bets, starting at one cent.