The Fenix System

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This system is designed to protect gamblers from losing big amount of money during gambling session.

The Fenix system consists of two interconnected parts.
The first part is called preliminary. This part will help you to generate small profit. There are several steps you should do within this part:

  • 1 bet: 1 chip on the dozen which played last
  • 2 bet: 3 chips on the latest even money bet
  • 3 bet: 12 chips on the latest ET-bet

The things you should remember using the Fenix strategy

1) When you win you should go back to initial bet. This means that you should start your betting cycle from the very beginning after every success.
2) When you lose you bet you should switch to the next one.
3) If zero occurs you need to skip the next round (if you play in traditional casino). After one round you can continue betting.
4) If your first bet loses you need to switch to the second one. If your second bet loses you need to switch to the third one.
5) If all three bets lose you need to switch to the second part to compensate loss of 16 chips.

Second part.

This part is very similar to the first one. Have a look and try to memorize this scheme:
Red/black | Odds/even | One of dozens
1                 1                   1
2                 2                   1
3                 3                   2
6                 6                   4

As you can see the Fenix strategy can be quite effective in roulette. Surely the main advantage is that it saves your money. And you should always remember the main rule of gambling – the longer you stay in the game the more you can win.