zero spin roulette

Zero Spin Roulette is a classic European game with a single zero and standard bet types: inside bets (straight, split, street, corner, six line, trio and first four) and outside bets (even-money bets, dozen and column). Call bets and neighbors can be placed on a racetrack located to the left of the wheel. A player can change a game speed by clicking the Turbo button. Table limits vary across casinos, but the game is actually focused on mid-limit players. Zero Spin Roulette is created by the GameScale software provider.

In fact, this is a normal variation of a classic European Roulette with no strings attached. Its payouts, bet options, and wager types (inside and outside) are identical to any European Roulette. The online roulette was developed by GameScale. The colour palette is a bit unusual for a roulette title: instead of routine green felt, all game elements (betting grid, the area around the wheel, and the Last Rounds history) have a pleasant purple colour.

Best casinos to play Zero Spin Roulette

Zero Spin Roulette design

A massive golden roulette wheel is the centrepiece of the game, while the betting grid with well-known inside and outside bets is docked to the top and occupies about half of the screen. There is nothing extraordinary about the grid: You will see here 1-36 red and black numbers, a zero sector to the left, ‘2 to 1’ fields to the right, and the bulk of outside bet fields at the bottom. 

A vertically positioned stats panel is fixed on the right-hand side. As soon as the wheel stops, it displays the winning number and all its attributes, e.g. ‘22, Even, High’. It also shows your winning if your bet was successful. A few moments later, this last round result will be replaced by the general stats window with about 20 last numbers grouped in columns according to their colour.  

Online roulette racetrack

Announced (call) bets are within a one-click access on the screen. Four standard bets are at your disposal: Jeu 0, Voisins, Orphelins, and Tiers. To make any of the four stakes, you must position a chip of your selected value at the centre of the racetrack, exactly on the name of your bet. The game will take the required number of chips from your balance automatically. For example, clicking Voisins with a pre-selected $1 chip will decrease your balance by $10 because this bet cuts across ten numbers: 19, 4, 21, etc.  

User interface and settings in Zero Spin roulette

Bet adjustment functions are assembled inside one small block at the bottom right corner. If you play for fun, you will always see a green ‘Play for Real’ button at the bottom – it will not block the view of the game elements, so you can play comfortably. 

The main settings are at the top. You will see a Turbo button. Click it to make instant wheel spins instead of waiting for a few seconds until the ball finally stops on the winning pocket. There’s also a Mute button. Game rules are accessible by clicking the ‘?’ button. So, generally, the settings are quite limited in all respects.   

Bet sizes and payouts  

A default range embedded by GameScale is $1 to $1200 – the latter is the maximum per table, considering all the bet areas covered by the player. Chances are you will find a different range in your online casino, but the default figures point to the fact that low-rollers will not be very happy with the minimum cost of a round. If you prefer betting on a single number, the highest Straight Bet is $10 (or higher in some online casinos). 

Your bet can be assembled from five denominations of chips available in the roulette: $1 (grey), $2 (red), $5 (blue), $10 (green), and $50 (black). On the same panel where the chips are two buttons: Clear (to remove all the current bets from the gable) and Spin (to start the wheel rotation when you are ready to play).

The payouts in Zero Spin Roulette are typical of any European-layout game: You get 1:1 for Red/Black and other 50-50 bets. On the other hand, a winning bet on a single number will secure you a 35:1 win. Everything is like in any European roulette – no difference at all.