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For roulette fanatics starved for some serious astrology myths fused with some wheel-spinning action, the Astro Roulette online game by 1x2gaming is the real deal. This variant kicks those boring numbered pockets entirely, replacing them with the 12 radiant astrological signs of the zodiac. But the zodiac brilliance spills across every aspect of the game. You’ll find primal elemental wagers, seasonal cycles, and that unique ‘Infinity’ pocket that represents zero itself. Despite the astrological rebirth, Astro retains a 97.3% RTP. Play the game, and you’re essentially ascending classic roulette to a whole new level without sacrificing gameplay familiarity. From the crisp graphics to the zodiac wheel, this table game utterly submerges you in a cosmic rapture state. It’s like playing the roulette you adore but with a unique astrological twist.

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Astro Roulette rules

Even though the game puts an astrological spin on things, the core gameplay will feel pretty familiar if you’re a roulette fan. But it’s still a good idea to get acquainted with the unique rules and features before you play Astro Roulette for real money. Here’s a quick rundown of all the vitals:

The wheel

At first glance, the classic roulette wheel layout with 37 pockets, separators, and animations doesn’t seem too different in Astro Roulette. But look closer, and you’ll see that vivid zodiac symbol patches now occupy the standard numbered pockets. Instead of single panels representing each symbol, Astro Roulette triples up the pocket assignments. This means you’ve got three times the chance of hitting a desired zodiac symbol and scoring a bigger payout compared to normal roulette. The only exception is the ‘Infinity’ pocket, which replaces the traditional zero. It only gets the single, solitary panel, making it feel even more exclusive and elusive when you finally hit it.

Interface and graphics

The graphics and animations in the Astro Roulette online game look polished and high-quality. The user interface makes everything a smooth digital experience. It’s clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Little touches like click-and-hold for precise split/corner bets make it a breeze to dial in your zodiac placements exactly how you want. And the organised chip selector dock streamlines the whole betting process.

Audio experience

What really makes Astro Roulette stand out is the exceptional audio design. The crisp sound effects and enchanting background music create this fully immersive, mystical atmosphere that melds perfectly with the astrological theme. The masterful audio doesn’t just set the vibe – it imbues the entire experience with a kind of transcendent, spiritual quality that pulls you deeper into the cosmic gameplay.

Demo mode

New players should definitely take advantage of the free demo mode first. It lets you get comfortable with the mystic zodiac bets without risking any actual cash. Playing for fun money captures the excitement of roulette without any financial danger. Use the demo as much as needed to practise before moving to real stakes.

For fans constantly craving some action on the go, Astro Roulette’s seamless mobile compatibility is an absolute game-changer. If you’re rocking a modern smartphone or tablet powered by iOS, Android, or Windows, this 1x2gaming creation was made for uncompromised mobile play from virtually anywhere. No more waiting to reunite with your desktop at home. Just whip out that handheld device, and you’ve got the full premium Astro Roulette experience ready for you no matter where you are.

Astro Roulette table layout

This unique game completely reinvents the roulette betting arena as you know it. Rather than the boring old numbers and colours, Astro Roulette allows you to wager your fortune on the 12 astrological symbols. Forget everything you know about American, European, or French roulette rulebooks; this one charts its gameplay course.

That said, some core similarities to the European table remain. Still, that signature single zero pocket accompanied by 36 additional pockets makes up the standard 37-slot layout. From there, the deviations are endless. But here’s the twist: the 36 other pockets are evenly divided across the 12 zodiac signs, with 3 pockets dedicated to each astrology sign. The lone zero pocket is renamed ‘Infinity’. The biggest change is the straight-up bets. Instead of betting on numbers, you now bet on the 12 zodiac signs plus the infinity symbol representing zero.

The actual layout itself is refreshingly clean and intuitive, with user-friendly options neatly organised at your disposal. Here’s a quick rundown of everything:

  • Spin button: Kick off that celestial wheel into motion using this icon on the bottom right.
  • Clear single bets: One click erases any lone bets clogging your grid.
  • Clear all bets: Erase the entire section and start fresh when needed.
  • History: Track your recent Astro Roulette conquests for a comprehensive outlook of your gaming expedition.
  • Settings: The usual sound and music toggles reside here.
  • Info button: Click here to learn about Astro Roulette – the rules, bet types, payouts, RTP, etc.

Astro Roulette online bets

When you play Astro Roulette online, a bunch of those classic wager opportunities are going to feel familiar. But this stellar 1x2gaming creation also charts exploratory new frontiers with its unique betting horizons.

Inside bets

For inside track diehards, you’ve got intuitively premium options like

  • Straight: Laser focus all your energies on any single zodiac sign triad of pockets for an 11:1 premium payout.
  • Infinity: You can also target that solitary mystic Infinity pocket representing the universal zero. Successful hits here produce an incredible 35:1 payout.
  • Split: If you can’t decide between two neighbouring zodiac signs, strike the line between any adjoining signs for a balanced 5:1 split payout.

Outside bets

But it’s among Astro Roulette’s enlightened outside bets where this cosmic variant truly transcends. Available bets include

  • Basket: This unorthodox wager covers two zodiac signs plus that elusive Infinity pocket for a lucrative 4:1 payout.
  • Seasons: Harmonise your spirit with the natural cycles of Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter for seasonally aligned 3:1 payouts.
  • Elements: Project your intentions onto the four primal elemental forces – air, water, fire or earth – each offering a 3:1 potential payout.
  • Rows: Spread your energies across an entire zodiac row containing four symbols at galactic 2:1 odds.
  • Positive/Negative: Place an even-money 50/50 wager evenly dispersed across the zodiac’s positive or negative polarities.

With such an expansive, carefully crafted betting catalogue, Astro Roulette transcends typical casino gameplay. This variant fully immerses you within the sublime flows of astrology, elementalism and the broader cosmos’ cycles.

Astro Roulette house edge and bet limits

Besides its boundary-pushing betting dimensions, this online roulette game keeps that house edge solidly grounded at 2.7% (RTP is 97.3%). This is the same stellar payout potential as its classic European Roulette counterpart. But just because the margins are balanced doesn’t mean your wagering options are limited. The game has minimum bets of just $0.25. At the same time, high rollers have the room to get into action with up to a $200 max table limit across various inside/outside bet options.

However, the premium inside straight-up and infinity bets are capped at $20. Elemental and seasonal wagers top out at $60, while rows stretch to $75, and positive/negative polarities have a maximum limit of $100. Basically, Astro Roulette serves up boundless betting freedom for gamblers of any budget and skill to completely immerse in this fascinating experience.

Astro Roulette provider

As mentioned earlier, Astro Roulette blazes in from the brains over at 1x2gaming. These developers boast a rapidly expanding universe of slots, table games, and all the casino staples across the best operators and regulated markets. If you crave mind-bending gameplay with wildly fresh twists on iconic titles, their innovative catalogue is a must-explore.

After securing their big Malta Gaming Authority supplier licence in 2020, these creators have been unleashed worldwide. Combining forces with their existing UK Gambling Commission, the MGA stamp cements their software as fully certified. Their games are also RNG-authenticated. From responsible gaming initiatives to third-party fairness testing, 1x2gaming leaves zero room for doubt. They’re dedicated to serving up an experience that protects players and operators alike.


Whether you’re a roulette purist or someone craving some serious cosmic mysticism injected into your gameplay, Astro Roulette excels on both fronts. This astrological-charged 1x2gaming title elevates the wheel experience to enlightening new dimensions. The 97.3% RTP keeps that premium payout energy flowing strong. But the real mind-bending comes from its expansive zodiac-inspired bet types spanning positive/negative polarities, elemental forces, seasonal cycles and everything in between. The bet limits from $0.25 to $200 ensure endless immersive potential for pros and newbies. Astro Roulette features enchanting graphics, a crisp audio atmosphere and a cleverly revamped wheel and interface. It transports you to a world where roulette gameplay merges with astrology in absolute transcendent harmony. You should try it out.