System Pyramid

Online roulette is one of the most popular games among gamblers. But this is not just because of its glamorous wheel-spinning action but also for the various strategies players employ to tilt the odds in their favour. One of these systems is the System Pyramid betting strategy. This system stands out as a fascinating approach that uniquely leverages winning streaks to maximise potential gains. Unlike more conventional strategies that often focus on recovering losses, the System Pyramid in roulette emphasises a progressive, win-centric betting style. In this guide, we will explore the mechanics of the System Pyramid and how you can implement it when playing roulette, as well as bring to light its advantages and shortcomings. 

What is the System Pyramid?

If you’re not familiar with the Paroli betting strategy, you’d confuse it with the System Pyramid. Therefore, it’s important to get an overview of the Paroli system to understand the System Pyramid better. 

The Paroli system dictates that you must double your initial bet amount every time you win. However, you can only do this on three consecutive wins. Once you lose, you must revert to the original bet amount and start the sequence again. 

The System Pyramid is also progressive, with a focus on wins. However, it’s riskier as one loss could wipe out your winnings to that point. That’s because instead of only using your initial bet to determine your next bet amount, you also use your wins. Let’s take a closer look at the System Pyramid betting strategy, along with an example of how to implement it. 

Implementing the System Pyramid strategy in roulette

Implementing the System Pyramid betting strategy requires a bit of calculation. Don’t worry, you won’t need a scientific calculator or anything crazy. Only basic addition. Here’s how it all comes together:

  • The starting bet: Remember, the System Pyramid strategy has a low barrier to entry. You can start betting with as low as $1 and use that to compound your bankroll, but only if you land a winning streak. 
  • When you win: This is where you’ll spot the biggest difference from the Paroli system. After winning, the player places his initial bet plus his winning. You can apply this system as long as possible, especially if you start with a low amount. Let’s explore this table to understand further how the System Pyramid works. 

Round | Bet size | Net profit | Probability of finishing the game on this round | Odds of winning on this stage
1                  1            1                                             48,6%                                                      51,4%
2                 2            3                                             72,9%                                                      27,1%
3                 4            7                                             85,7%                                                      14,3%
4                 8            15                                           92,5%                                                      7,5%
5                 16          31                                           96,0%                                                      4,0%
6                 32          63                                          97,9%                                                      2,1%
7                 64          127                                         98,9%                                                      1,1%
8                 128        255                                        99,4%                                                      0,6%
9                 256        511                                         99,7%                                                      0,3%
10               512        1023                                      99,8%                                                      0,02%

As you can see in this table, if you start playing from a $1 bet and win 10 consecutive times, you can have a profit of 1023 dollars! We have to admit that the chance of winning 10 consecutive games is extremely small. But you can also finish playing anytime. Let’s say that you have decided to take your money after 5 consecutive wins. In this case, your net profit will be $31 from starting $1.

Differences between the Paroli and System Pyramid 

The Paroli and System Pyramid betting strategies can be a bit confusing. However, the two strategies differ in several ways, explored below.

Bankroll requirements

Both strategies require a small bankroll to implement since they require you to work with your initial bet but in different capacities. As such, this gives you a bit of a cushion against running down your bankroll. The Paroli system requires you to double your initial stake when you win, and you can start with the lowest bet required for the particular roulette game. 

When using the System Pyramid, you must add your initial bet amount to the most recent winnings. In fact, this option is more favourable because the only addition is your initial bet amount. And with $1 as the starting bet, you can stretch your bankroll for quite a while. 

Risk and reward

Doubling your starting bet every time you win for three rounds in a row can be somewhat risky. However, the rewards offered by the Paroli system can be significant. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee you will win three times in a row. 

With the System Pyramid, the risks and rewards are also on the balance. You can start with a low amount, but the wins and profits compound on every round you win. However, losses are always just around the corner. A single loss means losing everything you’ve won to that point, making it a riskier strategy.


Using both descriptions, it’s clear both strategies don’t guarantee you win. However, they allow you to start with a small amount and don’t run down your bankroll as fast as the Martingale. 

If you’re a more risk-averse roulette player, these strategies will work out just fine. The System Pyramid is riskier since you need to stake your winnings if you win and add your starting bet amount. With this in mind, a single loss means losing everything to that point.  

The System Pyramid strategy pros and cons

While the System Pyramid offers several pros, it also features weaknesses you must be aware of when playing roulette. Let’s explore both sides of the coin. 


  • Limited bankroll exposure: Because it relies on increasing bets with winnings rather than chasing losses, it’s a good strategy for players with smaller bankrolls who want to avoid the risk of quickly depleting their funds.
  • Simple to implement: Unlike more complex betting systems (like the Labouchere or Fibonacci), the System Pyramid is straightforward to implement. There’s no need to keep track of long sequences of numbers or make complicated calculations.
  • Limits on losses: One of the biggest advantages of the System Pyramid roulette strategy is that it inherently limits the potential losses to the initial bet amount. Since you only increase your bets after a win, your risks are limited to the money you’ve already won rather than your base stake.
  • Capitalises on winning streaks: The System Pyramid roulette strategy focuses on wins and is even better if you’re on a streak since you can maximise the benefits by increasing bets during these periods, 


  • Limits on bets: One problem of this betting system is that casinos always set limits on bets. Thus, there is no guarantee that you will be able to have any net income or even compensate for your losses.
  • Likely to lose on any round: It goes without saying that there’s a high probability of losing on any round when playing roulette. If this happens while on your sixth or seventh win in a row, it can be devastating since you’re not only betting your previous winnings, but you’re also adding your initial bet. As such, a single loss after a streak can wipe out the profits accumulated from previous wins.
  • Scaling issues in high-stakes games: Players using the System Pyramid roulette strategy can quickly hit table limits when playing high-stakes games. This is especially true if the streak continues for several rounds. As such, the cap on betting can prevent the strategy from being executed as intended. Consequently, this will potentially limit the profits you could achieve without the table limit. 
  • Complicated exit strategy: From the example used in this guide, it’s all about progression using your previous winnings. However, there’s no optimal time to stop betting and collect winnings. This situation can be complex and stressful, which might tempt you to push your luck, resulting in significant losses.  


The System Pyramid roulette strategy offers a distinctive approach to betting in roulette, fundamentally differing from systems that prioritise loss recovery. By focusing on amplifying wins rather than mitigating losses, it caters to risk-averse people who seek to capitalise on the momentum of winning streaks. This strategy presents considerable advantages, such as limited initial risk and simplicity in application. 

However, it also requires astute judgement and discipline to manage the escalating stakes and determine the optimal moment to stop betting. As with any gambling strategy, the efficacy of the System Pyramid depends on personal risk tolerance, bankroll size, and the inherent randomness of the game. Players interested in employing the System Pyramid in roulette should do so with mindfulness and moderation.