Minimizing The House Edge betting strategy

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The house always has an advantage over the players, this is the house edge. This will never change unless maybe the casinos are connected with non profit groups. Nevertheless the wise players can take certain precautions to minimize the house edge to the lowest possible.

The definition of the house edge is that it is the average percent of the single bet a player is expected to lose over a period of time. Let’s look at the Straight Up Bet for an example. Wagering on a single number pays out 1 to 35. Provided that there was 36 pockets on the roulette wheel then the house edge would be 0%, because over the course of time the player would expect to win the bet every 36 spins and receive their wager back making it 1/36 odds. The player could place 36 chips on the roulette table making it one bet on each number and take away their money on whatever the outcome might be with no gain or loss.

For this reason is why casinos added the zero or zero’s pocket. The players’ odds are 1/37 with the extra pockets with the payouts staying the same at 1 to 35.

With all of the above being said, the essential roulette strategy is to play at the table where it reduces the house edge to the least possible. It’s really not that confusing and the end results will surprise the player.