Roulette Basics

Roulette Wheel

The creation of Roulette wheels comes with some simple comprehension. New comers to playing the game of Roulette sometimes get a little overwhelmed when looking at the wheel. The wheel is designed to rotate on the Roulette table. There are numbers that range from 1 to 36 and can go from small to big, red […]

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Roulette Rules and Payouts

Playing roulette online is very entertaining to the player and easy to learn. The concept is very basic in understanding, the player wagers and bets against the casino by placing wagers on number and color combinations that appear on the wheel. The ball then spins in the opposite direction on the wheel. When the ball […]

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Roulette Odds

Luck is the determining factor when it comes to playing the game of Roulette. The roulette odds are not difficult to figure out. If luck is on the player’s side they can walk away with up to 35 times their wager. The roulette wheel is divided into either 37 or 38 pockets depending on if […]

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Roulette History

Roulette is a popular casino game that comes from the French word meaning a ‘mini wheel’. It has been said that Roulette was discovered in the 18th century. In the 17th century Blaise Pascal made an original form of Roulette in his search for a continual motion machine. A little town called Homburg back in […]

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Roulette Basic Strategy

Players sometimes feel that when playing roulette they think that they have established the perfect roulette strategy, when it could very well be that they are on a little lucky streak. The European roulette wheel contains 37 different pockets and 38 for the American version. A diffusive power and the loss of energy best outline […]

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Roulette Table

There are two exciting versions of roulette with minimal differences, the American and European version. These differences consist of some features on the wheel and the roulette table. Let’s take a look at the different roulette tables to help understand the betting options and game rules for both. What does the roulette table look like […]

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