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This betting system for roulette is called Titanic. Just don’t think that this strategy has got the same faith like famous vessel!

It should be noted that Titanic system belongs to the huge class of professional betting systems for American roulette. The strategy is quite simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge or experience in the sphere of roulette. This system can be profitable but you need to follow the rules of the strategy properly.

The idea of Titanic system is to place bets on dozens that pay more often. The player should try to guess the next dozen to come. The player has got 6 attempts. Every time when he fails to do it he needs to increase his bet. As soon as the player wins he comes back to the very beginning of the betting cycle. This means that you need to start from the smallest bet.

Have a look at the following table to understand the algorithm of the Titanic system and analyze potential winnings (form 1st to 6th round)

Size of the bet on a dozzen
$100 for the 1st round
$100 for the 2nd (and so on)

Accumulated loss if the player loses

Net profit if the player wins:

Algorithm (1;2;3): If the first bet doesn’t win the player needs to switch to 2 consecutive bets. If two bets do not win the player needs to switch to 3 consecutive bets. As the result the player has 6 bets (1+2+3).

When the player stars to gamble he needs to pick the dozen which played last. Then the player places first bet, let’s assume $100. In case of defeat (another dozen came into play) the player places his second bet on the dozen which came into play. According to our table the bet should be $100. If this bet was unsuccessful you need to stick to this step e.g. placing another bet on this dozen. This means that you will bet on this dozen two times. In case of another loss you will need to make your third bet on this dozen, but this time your bet should be $200. As you can see we have enlarged our interval. In the first case it was just 1 attempt, in second case – 2 attempts. If it was unsuccessful again you should pick another dozen which occurred last time. In this case your fourth bet should be $300 and your interval should be enlarged to 3 attempts. Use this scheme to place $300 as the fourth bet, $400 as the fifth bet, $700 as the sixth bet on the same dozen. If you managed to win regardless of the stage you should go back to the step at which you have won. And you will start your new betting cycle from this stage.  If 6 consecutive bets fail you should just go on. In this case you have to admit your defeat and loss of the money.

Algorithm (3; 3 with stream); According to this scheme you should place 3 consecutive bets on the dozen which occurred last. If first 3 bets failed you should switch to another dozen which occurred last (on your third bet).  In this case you place 3 other bets on this dozen. Thus you will be constantly increasing your bets (3+3). You should finish your betting cycle when you bet pays you.