The 2 Up 2 Down Roulette System

The 2 Up 2 Down betting system for roulette is considered as one of the simplest strategies roulette fans can use to maximize their winnings. All you need to do is to follow simple progression and have a moderate bankroll.

The system is designed for even money bets. The player starts with the smallest possible bet. Let’s assume it is just $1. The player keeps on betting until he loses 2 consecutive times. When it happens the player should increase his bet and start wagering $2 until:

  • 1) He wins 2 times in a row. In this case the next bet should be just $1 and we start betting cycle from the very beginning.
  • 2) He loses 2 times in a row. In this case the next bet should be $3.

As you can see the progression will have the following shape 1-2-3-4-5 and so on. It is hard to say when the player should stop. If the bankroll is huge enough it is possible to wager bigger amounts of money. All you need to remember is that you increase your bet after 2 consecutive losses and decrease your bet after 2 wins in a row. Everything is simple.

It is wise to draw your betting cycle sequence in advance. For example, your betting cycle will look like 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. This means that you won’t exceed $8 bets.

The 2 Up 2 Down system is one of the most effective strategies in roulette. This betting system is perfect for the beginners who care much about the bankroll. In theory you cannot lose using this strategy. But you should remember about limits set by casinos. Several consecutive unsuccessful spins might lead to reaching the max limit of bet. In this case nothing will help you to compensate your losses.

Have a look at this table to analyze possible results with The 2 Up 2 Down betting system:

Round | bet | result | balance
1              $1      lose      -1
2              $1     lose      -2
3              $2    lose      -4
4              $2    lose      -6
5              $3    win       -3
6              $3    win        0

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The 2 Up 2 Down Roulette System
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