James Bond Roulette Strategy

One of the simple yet popular roulette strategies that is based on principles of increasing the stakes with every single spin is the James Bond strategy. The foundation of this strategy is based around the dozen bets. The difference with this one is that the James Bond method stakes on the same number three times in order. Making the outcome a very good one for taking that little chance of bringing a big sum of winnings to the player.

Here is an example of the effective method for wagering. For $200.00 bet $140.00 on high numbers, 19-36 then bet $50.00 on the six number bets 13-18 and $10.00 on the number zero for insurance. After all of the bets have been placed 2/3 of the table will be covered. Now for the outcome, if a high number is called then the profit will be $80.00, if it is a six number then the profit is $100.00 and finally if it is a zero then the net profit is $160.00. If for some reason another number besides the ones that the player wagered on is called then the next time the player should double the wager just like with the Martingale method.

This roulette strategy is an outstanding sequence for those players that will work with the system. At the same time the James Bond roulette strategy works on the smaller and larger stakes with bigger capital for betting and wagering.

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James Bond Roulette Strategy
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