Sometimes, your typical online roulette experience needs an extra jolt to change the scenes. That’s where Bonus Roulette enters the picture – an entertaining twist that injects pure bonus round thrills after a win. Whether you’re playing iSoftBet’s or Smartsoft Gaming’s versions, this European roulette variation sticks to that classic single-zero format and 97.3% RTP you all know and love. The fundamentals remain delightfully intact. But what sets Bonus Roulette apart is the creative blend of slick visuals and bonus features activated after every win. Its crisp animations and vibrant red backdrop add a thrill to each spin. This game elevates the old-school wheel experience into the modern age without sacrificing one ounce of gameplay integrity.

Best casinos to play Bonus Roulette

Bonus Roulette rules

Before you play roulette for real money, you should get acquainted with the rules, features, and unique wrinkles. Knowing the nuances is key to maximising that euphoric wheel experience. For Bonus Roulette, everything in the normal European version sticks. The main difference is the additional bonus feature. Let’s look at the game features. We’ve summarised everything so you can easily get started.

Double bet

It’s all in the name. With a single click, Double Bet (x2) instantly doubles the entire existing wager across the table. No wasted time reconfiguring chips. Whether you’re stubbornly riding a hot streak or just feeling that cosmic wheel rush, smashing Double Bet effortlessly replicates your recent high-stakes spread. It’s an efficient thrill-booster that eliminates friction between you and a pure adrenaline rush.

Bonus game

The bonus round differentiates Bonus Roulette from normal European Roulette. It’s also evident in the name. When a winning spin hits, that’s your cue to buckle up for the bonus feature. The screen will flip to display your current stats, winnings, and all the juicy details. But more importantly, it’s time to hit that bonus spin button and see what multiplier fortune rains down. This secondary wheel packs 17 total segments – four LOSE, four WIN x2, four WIN ½, and four WIN x1 plus a single space to get x3 your current win. Wherever the arrow stops determines whether you score a multiplier on your previous winnings or bust.

Game statistics

Before smashing that all-important bonus spin, peek at the game stats and histories for inspiration. You’ll have helpful details like round wagers, current balance, and the results log from your last five spins. Of course, previous round outcomes don’t affect what’s to come. But math probabilities matter, according to experienced players. Either way, glancing at your running wins and losses before hurling yourself into the online roulette action will give you an idea of what’s happening. Between the payout histories, stats, and that dreamy bonus wheel, Bonus Roulette delivers all the highs and lows you crave.

Demo mode

Bonus Roulette’s free demo is like a mind-blowing test drive without a single cent on the line. It lets you thoroughly explore every gameplay detail from top to bottom at zero risk. Accessing this practice mode can sometimes require signing up at an online casino first. But getting a meaningful test drive before hitting those real money online roulette tables is an absolute must. While finding iSoftBet’s demo version proves trickier, Smartsoft Gaming keeps its doors open. Their free play allows you to cruise right in and experience their Bonus Roulette build with no signups required. We even have it at the top of this page. 

Don’t sweat getting your Bonus Roulette fix while out and about. This roulette variant slays on mobile platforms. Smooth performance across Android, iOS, and tablets – you name it. Just log in from whatever portable screen is handy. No extra apps or settings to fuss with. Bonus Roulette mobile play delivers a nonstop vibe for pure Vegas adrenaline whenever, wherever.

Bonus Roulette table layout and interface

Whichever version you’re rocking – iSoftBet or Smartsoft Gaming – Bonus Roulette nails that clean, user-friendly table layout. The crisp interface makes getting those bets down and tracking vitals an outright breeze. On one side is the classic numbered betting grid ready to receive those chip stacks. Just across it spins that fancy roulette wheel in all its animated glory. But smack dab between them is where the real money magic happens.

  • Money details: The central display crisply tracks all the financial parameters every player needs: current round winnings, total wager, and your available balance. It’s between the wheel and the table.
  • Results: In the bottom left-hand corner, Smartsoft’s Bonus Roulette displays results from the last five rounds. This feature is positioned on the bottom right in the iSoftBet version and features results from the previous 10 rounds.
  • History: You can access the full history by pressing the history button at the top. The section above the game also includes sound options, game rules, and the option to play on a full screen when using a desktop computer.
  • Betting options: When it comes to betting, you’ll find all the options you need displayed in the bottom right-hand corner. There’s a spin button with a golden colour and a Rebet & Spin option to the left.
  • X2 button: Only available in the Smartsoft Bonus Roulette, players can use this option to double up their current bet, clear it, or undo the last wager.

In iSoftBet’s Bonus Roulette, there are other options. On the bottom left, you will find various buttons, including Undo, Redo, Statistics, Winning Bets, Cancel All, Last Bet, and Autoplay Group Bet. But whatever version you play, there’s nothing confusing. Between its efficient betting interface and all those delicious extra features, Bonus Roulette keeps you locked in for a pulsating experience.

Bonus Roulette bet types and payouts

Bonus Roulette features the standard bet types in European Roulette, each with a varying chance of winning and a different payout level. Here are the available options:

Inside bets

These inside bets get placed directly on the numbered grid itself for some of roulette’s biggest payouts:

  • Straight up (single number) – 35:1 payout
  • Split (two adjoining numbers) – 17:1
  • Street (three consecutive numbers) – 11:1
  • Corner (four numbers forming a square) – 8:1
  • Line Bet (six numbers in a row) – 5:1

Outside bets

If you can’t decide on specific numbers, these outside bets let you cast a wider wheel net:

  • Columns (one of the three 12-number rows) – 2:1
  • Dozens (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36) – 2:1
  • Low (1-18) or High (19-36) – 1:1
  • Red or Black – 1:1
  • Odd or Even – 1:1

While inside bets offer roulette’s biggest single-number payouts, the outside wagers serve up better odds – just slightly lower payouts. It’s all about that classic risk-reward balance.

Bonus Roulette house edge and bet limits

Like any legit European roulette game, Bonus Roulette keeps the house edge at a fair 2.7%. This leaves players with an impressive 97.3% RTP. The math doesn’t lie: solid odds right there. But the game has bet limits setting the boundaries for your wheel action. Well, the iSoftBet and Smartsoft Gaming versions differ slightly in bet limits. 

With iSoftBet, chip denominations run from 0.10 to 50.00 per chip. The minimum bet limit clocks in at an ultra-accessible $0.10, while high rollers can cast bets up to $10.00 per spin. Smartsoft Gaming’s version uses the same chip range of $0.1 to $50.00. But they open up the floodgates even further with a $0.1 minimum bet and a maximum bet size of $50.00 every round. No matter which provider you roll with, this online roulette version ensures genuine high and low roller action. Everybody gets their fair slice of that European bonus wheel pie.

Bonus Roulette game providers

As mentioned, there are two Bonus Roulette versions from two providers: iSoftBet and Smarsoft Gaming. iSoftBet is a true veteran in the online gaming realm. Founded in 2010, these pioneers have spent over a decade perfecting their craft. They’ve been churning out unique slot and table game titles like their iconic Bonus Roulette. Their games aren’t just available worldwide; they’ve cleared licensing and certification hurdles across multiple continents, including Europe. Years of hard-earned experience culminate into a catalogue of massively successful products. iSoftBet’s reputation for quality and compliance can’t be questioned. The company was acquired by International Game Technology (IGT) in 2022.

Then there’s the newer kid on the casino block: Smartsoft Gaming. This Georgian upstart burst onto the scene in 2015, intending to deliver innovative, high-quality gaming experiences globally. While they slay at genre staples like slots and Bonus Roulette, Smartsoft also made waves by pioneering all-new ‘crash game’ formats. Like iSoftBet, the game developer adheres to strict industry regulations and independent testing for fairness. Their fresh approach to content and commitment to legit play has quickly established them as rising stars.


Bonus Roulette isn’t your typical European roulette spin. It kicks things into overdrive with a thrilling bonus round after every win. Available in polished versions from both iSoftBet and rising star Smartsoft Gaming, the online roulette game injects a serious adrenaline upgrade. That iconic 97.3% RTP and classic gameplay foundation remain intact. But the rapid-fire bonus spins for multiplied winnings take the game to a new level of wheel excitement. Toss in features like detailed stat tracking and optimised mobile performance, and Bonus Roulette emerges as one seriously well-rounded free casino game package. For the ultimate virtual roulette adrenaline rush blending time-honoured fundamentals with modern firing innovation, look no further.