The Favorite Dozen System

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This betting system is called Favorite Dozen. You will need to have at least 40 chips to apply the strategy. This means that if the min bet is $1 your bankroll should be as huge as $40.

The Favorite Dozen system allows gamblers to receive decent winning. The expected profit from one session is 8-10 chips. At the same time you should remember that there is no betting system which guarantees winning. And this strategy is not the exception from this rule.

How to apply the Favorite Dozen system:

All you need to do is to place bet on the dozen which occurred most times in last 9 spins.

1) if 2 different dozens occurred more than 4 times during last 9 rounds, you should place your bet on the latest dozen.
2) If 3 cozens occurred 3 times during last 9 spins you should play once again and place your bet on the last dozen.

You should keep betting on the certain dozen until:

1) You win
2) You lose three rounds
Then you need to select another dozen to place your bet. Surely it is easier to do when you play in traditional casino where you can skip betting round and observe the roulette wheel. But you can also apply the system in online casinos. In this case just place smallest even money bet to minimize your risk.

Bet value:

During first 6 betting rounds you should use the following progression: 1-1-1-2-3-4
If you fail to win at least one time after 6 betting rounds your next bet should be determined by the following factors:

1) with the overall balance from -12 to -24 you need to divide bet by 4 (and round off the figure if it is needed). For example, your overall balance is -16. In this case divide 16 by 4, your bet will be $4.
2) If the overall balance is between 0 and -11 you need to divide by 3 and round off.
3) If the overall balance is from -25 to -40 you need to divide by 5 and round off.
This betting system seems to be a bit complicated. But in fact the strategy works quite effectively. Try to apply it in practice mode first (fun money gambling). As soon as you understand the algorithm you can switch to real gambling.