System 3 Chances

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This system is called 3 chances. The main idea of the strategy is to seek for series that are based on three chances. The important thing about this system that it is not suitable only for even money bets. Thus you can use the 3 Chances strategy placing any possible bets.

Let’s have a look at the example with 1 chance.

We will need to have a simple progression: 1-2-4-8. If your first bet of $1 wins you will have $2. Thus first winning brings you $2, the second – $4, the third – $8 and so on. If your first bet or any of other double sized bets lose you should place second bet (2xinitial bet). The first winning will pay you $4, the first double bet will pay you $8, the second double bet will bring you $16. If you fail to finish the whole cycle and lose at one of the stages you should place third bet (4 coins). In this case you will need to place only one double bet. Let’s assume you fail again. In this case you have got only one option. This option is to wager 8 chips. It should be mentioned that you should not place any double bets in this case.

Surely there is no guarantee that the fourth bet will be successful. Sometimes you just lose regardless of your strategy and betting system you use. And this is the case. In this case you just need to go back to the very beginning of the betting cycle.

Critics of the 3 chances system say that you need to have solid bankroll to apply this strategy in a casino. This is correct statement. You should have at least 200 chips (1 chip is the min bet) to use this strategy.

It is quite difficult to lose all your chips using this strategy. This system gives gamblers very good chance to stay in the game as long as possible.