Cuban Betting Roulette Strategy

The Cuban betting roulette system is a strategy that has endured several decades at land-based casinos and has made it to the online gambling scene. The strategy’s appeal comes from the fact that it’s a safety-based system that covers many of the numbers on the wheel. As such, in the event of a win, the player is able to get some sizable returns on their bet. However, if the player loses, their loss won’t be substantial. We have explained how the Cuban betting strategy works and how you can make the best of it. Keep reading to learn more.

How Cuban betting roulette system works

This winning roulette strategy started getting used back in the Fidel Castro days in Cuba. Fundamentally, the player bets one unit on the third column and then one unit on Black. The reasoning behind this particular combination of wagers is that there are only 4 Black numbers and 8 red numbers in the third column of the roulette table. So, if 1 of the 8 red numbers from the third column comes up, the player will win one unit. If a number from the first or second column comes up, there is a greater probability that it will be a Black number. If this is the case, then the player will break even.

It’s very obvious that if a red number from the first or second column does come up, the player will lose both bets. But of course, if one of the 4 Black numbers from the third column comes up, then the player wins 2 bets.

This particular betting strategy is attractive for players who enjoy keeping the wagering amounts quite low and not increasing their wagers. Nevertheless, it is not a mathematical system that defeats the house edge in the long run.

What you should know about the Cuban betting strategy

The Cuban betting roulette strategy can be approached with small to average bets. The reason for this is to ensure that when you win, you’ll have a good wager to continue. But when you lose, you can always have some funds left in your bankroll. The underlying concept of this strategy is playing safe, as it extends to 26 numbers on the wheel, which is quite much. 

In fact, the odds of a win or loss stay exactly the same, even with the Cuban betting roulette system. The house edge also stays the same, as the strategy doesn’t affect it. The strategy can be a long-term tool for players who wish to make small to mid-sized wins.

Approach to Cuban betting roulette system 

The Cuban betting strategy differs from most online roulette strategies, as it doesn’t require increasing or decreasing your stake following a win or loss. You can simply maintain the same stake across numerous spins, and you’ll be fine, especially if you’re lucky. However, you can obviously win more if you increase your stake on the two units (Black and third Column) every time you win.

To make a reasonable profit, your stake on the column has to return a win once in three rounds. If that’s the case, you may increase your wager gradually after every win, which will result in a much bigger win at some point. Since losses are bound to occur, you can reset your stakes after a loss and start with the initial bet amount. 

However, the danger is that you can lose your entire bankroll at once if you substantially increase your wager. The best way to go is to keep some of your profits aside before increasing your stake after a win. That way, you can hedge against fatal losses in one fell swoop.

Summary to Cuban betting roulette strategy

The Cuban betting system is a safety-based strategy that banks on low risk for sizable wins. Column bet pays 2:1 while Black pays 1:1 – these are the two classes of bets with the lowest risks. With the Cuban betting roulette strategy comprising 26 of 37 numbers, the chances of winning are high. However, there’s never a guarantee of success using this system. The odds, house edge and RTP don’t change, so you should always keep that in mind. Overall, the strategy is simple and easy to understand, as both newbies and skilled players apply it when playing online roulette. Therefore, you can also deploy this strategy at our recommended online casinos offering roulette.