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There are two exciting versions of roulette with minimal differences, the American and European version. These differences consist of some features on the wheel and the roulette table. Let’s take a look at the different roulette tables to help understand the betting options and game rules for both. What does the roulette table look like is a very common question, you will find the answers within this article to help understand the layout a little better.

roulette table

With any of the different versions of playing roulette there are some similarities as it is played at a table with a wheel in the middle or at the end of it. The roulette game table has a green felt cover, known as the layout, with some boxes that represent the different bets. With each number there is a specific color which is red or black, the 0 or 00 are in green. Below are the numbers found on a roulette table.

Red: 1,3,5,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,21,23,25,27,30,32,34,36
Black: 2,4,6,8,10,11,13,15,17,20,22,24,26,28,29,31,33,35
Green: 0, 00

The table can be broken down into parts according to the different types of bets. Inside bets is on the section where the numbers range from 1 to 36 and with the additional zero pockets. The outside bets are on the outside of the number boxes, these bets consist of up to 18 numbers. The players can read more about the payouts and wagering for the different types of bets within the game.

The main difference between the American roulette table and the European roulette table is the 00 slot and the call or announced bet. Call bets or ‘French bets’ are in a certain betting area. In the gambling industry today these bets are not common at most casinos. If by chance you come across a roulette table with the call bets make sure you learn the rules first as it will come in handy.

The variation for online roulette is called mini roulette, this version is played with the same rules as the European game. The only difference with mini roulette is that it has a smaller layout and smaller betting options on the online roulette table. Players can bet on 12 numbers and get the payouts of even money up to 11 to 1. Of course the mini roulette table has the lower online roulette table limits than the European and American roulette games.

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Roulette Table
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