System Pyramid

There are many betting systems used in roulette that are based on positive progressions. Use of such systems means that the player should constantly increase size of his bets. The player can expect good profit in case of winning several rounds in the row. One of the most important pros of this system is that the player doesn’t need to have huge bankroll to apply the Pyramid. At the same time you should not expect big profit either.
The player’s strategy is based on the following scenario: the player increases his bets until he receives at least small profit. After winning the player places his initial bet plus his winning. It is possible to apply this system as long as possible. Surely the more rounds you play the higher is the chance of losing.

By the way this betting system is used on even money bets, for example, red/black, odds/even. Let’s have a look at the following example and analyze our table.

Round | Bet size | Net profit | Probability of finishing the game on this round | Odds of winning on this stage
1                  1            1                                             48,6%                                                      51,4%
2                 2            3                                             72,9%                                                      27,1%
3                 4            7                                             85,7%                                                      14,3%
4                 8            15                                           92,5%                                                      7,5%
5                 16          31                                           96,0%                                                      4,0%
6                 32          63                                          97,9%                                                      2,1%
7                 64          127                                         98,9%                                                      1,1%
8                 128        255                                        99,4%                                                      0,6%
9                 256        511                                         99,7%                                                      0,3%
10               512        1023                                      99,8%                                                      0,02%

As you can see in this table, if you start playing from $1 bet and win 10 consecutive times, you can have a profit of 1023 dollars! We have to admit that the chance of winning 10 consecutive is extremely small. But you can also finish playing anytime. Let’s say that you have decided to take your money after 5 consecutive wins. In this case your net profit will be $31 from starting $1.

The only one problem of this betting system is that casinos always set limits on bets. Thus there is no guarantee that you will be able to have any net income or even compensate your losses.

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System Pyramid
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