The Grand Martingale Strategy

Grand Martingale is a variation of the Martingale strategy. The difference between these two strategies is that when the player loses they add an additional bet as well as doubling it. Here is an example that we will use, the first $2.00 wager that is made on red loses then the players next bet would be double making it $4.00 adding an additional wager of $2.00 making the total bet $6.00. So if the player should lose again then their next bet would be to double the previous bet, $6.00 x $2.00 equals $12.00 adding an additional wager to that makes a total bet of $14.00.

The reason that the players may decide to use this particular system is that when they win they are   really benefiting themselves by betting every round that they play. This is definitely different from the regular Martingale where the players are increasing their bets just to be one better off over the course of the number of rounds.

One of the disadvantages of using this strategy is that it the player can double up less frequently before the casino limits are reached. As a result the player is more probable to begin the losing streak and lose all of their money for that playing session.

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The Grand Martingale Strategy
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