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roulette pro

Roulette Pro is a popular variant of a single-zero European roulette that is currently developed by GameScale, Playtech, Betsoft, NetEnt and other software providers. A player can make standard inside bets (straight, split, street, corner, six line, trio and first four), outside bets (even-money bets, dozen and column), and call bets. A racetrack is normally hidden but is displayed by clicking a button. Roulette Pro differs from other European-style roulette variants in that it offers a feature-rich gaming environment; players can view detailed statistics, hot/cold numbers (the numbers that tend to come out more frequently or rarely), bet type details and other advanced stats. Some versions of Roulette Pro allow to switch between views of the table, save favorite bets and customize the table color.

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Roulette Pro
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