Relaxed Roulette System

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This betting system is called Relaxed Roulette. The strategy is based on a simple progression. The interesting thing about this betting system is that it limits your…winnings, not loss. Thus you can set in advance how much you are going to win. It sounds a bit strange, is not it? But everything is simple; you will understand the algorithm easily.

According to the principles of this system you always should place your bets on 2 dozens at the same time. You should also betting on dozens that occurred last 2 spins.

If the same dozen occurs two times in a row, you should not place any bets (its possible to do if you play in traditional casino). The same rule is applied in case of zero coming into play. Thus you need to wait until two different dozens occur during 2 last spins.

Another tip is to bet when the same dozen occurs three or more times in a row. In this case you should place your bet on 2 other dozens. If you first bet fails you should place another bet on the same two dozens. After this we again wait for 2 dozens. As soon as they occur we should place new bets on them. If out bet wins we should start betting cycle from the very beginning. We can follow this betting system as long as we wish. But as it was mentioned its better to decide in advance how much we wish to win.

We already mentioned that the Relaxed Roulette system is based on simple progression. We advice you to take a piece of paper and pen and write down all figures. Such approach will help you to stick to the progression.

Before we start betting we write “1”. We place $1 on each dozen. If the first bet pays us we should draw a circle around figure “1”. If our bet filed we should add double 1 to 1 (1-1-1). The next bet will be the sum of two figures (left and right one). In our case it will be 1+1=2.

If the second bet wins we should cross out figures from both sides. In this case we will have only one figure – 1. This figure shows how much we should bet in the next round. If the second bet fails we should add “2” to both sides. The next bet will be once again the sum of two figures from both sides (2+2=4). Our progression will have the following shape: 2-1-1-1-2. Just follow this progression and you will achieve good results.