Silver Roulette is an iSoftBet creation that’ll hit the spot for online roulette lovers. Released in 2017, it brings that classic European single-zero wheel vibe to your screen. This digital experience keeps it clean and pure with that old-school roulette vibe modern players crave. And the RNG technology used makes every round fair and outcomes unpredictable. But it’s not all old-fashioned. Silver Roulette boasts buttery smooth gameplay with crisp graphics. It has a 97.3% RTP and low bet limits from $0.1 to $10. Even newbies can get in on the action thanks to easy-to-understand betting rules and flexible limits that keep things simple. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just catching the roulette bug, you should try the game out. This review will explore everything that makes playing the Roulette Silver online game a unique experience.

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Silver Roulette rules

While Silver Roulette follows the European version rules, it still puts its subtle spin on the classic game. So, there are a few unusual things that you need to know. Before you play Silver Roulette for real money, you’d better get acquainted with these unique features and rules:

  • Save bet: This is easily one of Silver Roulette’s most beloved features. As the name implies, Save Bet allows players to store custom bet setups on the table. No more wasting time switching between different configurations in every spin. Just click to reload your favourite spreads and roll.
  • Double bet: A familiar but highly welcome addition, the Double Bet function doubles up all active wagers across the roulette table with a single click. It’s a top-tier feature that makes the whole Roulette Silver online experience flow smoothly.
  • Statistics board: It’s minor, but Silver’s stats board can seriously level up a player’s strategy game. Beyond the regular data, it even includes a ‘Hot Numbers’ display tracking the three most frequently hitting slots. This extra info about the game’s recent trends gives players an edge for sharpening their strategies.

With quality touches like those separating it from standard European roulette, Silver takes an elegant classic and enhances it for the modern age. Whether new to the wheel or a pro, these rule distinctions are crucial to mastering iSoftBet’s singular spin. New roulette fans shouldn’t just charge into Silver’s paid rounds. The free demo mode offers some crucial practice laps without any financial danger. It captures that full wheel-spinning thrill minus those real money stakes on the line. Sure, the free-play lacks the same adrenaline rush. But it’s the perfect way to get comfortable before playing Silver Roulette online for real money.

Silver Roulette table layout and interface

At first glance, the Silver Roulette table layout keeps things pretty classic. Numbered pockets from 1 to 36 alternate in signature red and black hues, and the single zero slot remains green. The wheel is cleanly embedded on a slick navy blue velvet backdrop – pure casino sophistication. But look closer, and you’ll spot iSoftBet’s modern touches that set this one apart. The crystal clarity makes Silver’s wheel a brilliant pop. Those intricate silver detailings against that rich backdrop are just downright gorgeous. Players can also experience the authentic casino atmosphere at whatever level suits them. The demo version provides the cosmetic experience for those precious free practice rounds. When ready to spin for real, hop into a Silver Roulette online casino and get into action.

Either way, the roulette game keeps the customisation straightforward yet practical. Adjust those ambient sound effects and even toggle a ‘Turbo Play’ option to speed up the pace. Between shortcuts, use the ‘Last Bet’ option to rapidly replicate previous bets or the ‘New Game’ to start afresh. The ‘Rebet’ option allows you to replicate previous wagers and spin the wheel immediately afterwards. With these, the gameplay flows seamlessly. While keeping that signature European roulette essence, Silver’s table elevates the visual and functional experience. iSoftBet is clearly a master in balancing innovation with old-school casino elegance.

Silver Roulette bet types

This is one of the best online casino games for delivering pure variety. Whether you’re a low-roller or high-stakes player, Silver Roulette offers a full buffet of ways to get action on the table. Check out the numerous bet types accepted:

Inside bets

  • Straight-up lets you target any number, including zero, for that epic 35:1 payout.
  • Split bet covers two neighbouring numbers by straddling the line for a solid 17:1 return.
  • Street bet puts chips on one of those three-number vertical rows for an 11:1 prize.
  • Trio pays out 11:1. Here, you bet on 3 numbers involving the zero (0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3).
  • Top Line is a wager on the first four numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • Take two streets and make it a Corner or Basket on four adjoining pockets for 8:1 payouts.
  • Six-line bets let you cover a half-dozen numbers in one fell swoop at a 5:1 payout.

Outside bets

  • Column bets group all those dozens into three vertical lanes for 2:1 payouts
  • Dozen bets do precisely what they say: let you put it all on one of the three 12-number breaks.
  • When you can’t decide between red or black, just pick a colour for those even 1:1 odds.
  • Even or Odd bets scratch the same 1:1 itch but based on numerical values.
  • High or Low (Manque/Passe) also scores 1:1 by splitting the whole wheel in half from 1-18 vs. 19-36

Whether gambling conservatively on those outside bets or swinging for ‘Inside’ fences, Silver serves up that full classic roulette platter.

Call bets

When you can’t get enough of Roulette Silver’s inside and outside bets, peek at the ‘Call Bets’. These are delightfully exotic wagers grouped by wheel sectors. In this game, you’ll have Neighbors of Zero (Voisins), Orphans (Orphelins) and Finals (Tiers). Use these to double down on specific wheel territories.

Silver Roulette bet sizes and limits

This game caters to the low/mid-limit crowd, but the thrills are straight high-roller. Silver Roulette’s chip denominations include 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, and 25. The overall minimum bet per spin is $0.10, but you can drop it to $10 if you have a bigger bankroll. Even newbies can find their level with the Roulette Silver online table game. Whatever threat level you’re comfortable wagering, the game makes clicking and spinning an absolute breeze.

Silver Roulette RTP and payouts

Regarding payouts, this online roulette game seriously delivers more than glitz and glamour. It rocks an elite 97.3% RTP rate, putting it on par with the most player-friendly European roulette variants. Against a lean 2.7% house edge, the online casino game ensures you’re pocketing some significant payouts when you win. 

The prize structures are just as lucrative, too, especially for inside bettors. While outside wagers top out at 2:1, straight-up single-number hits could be seeing those legendary 35:1 payouts. Even safer six-line bets still double up players’ money at 5:1. But the serious high-roller highs come from Silver’s exotic call bets. Gambling big on those grouped number sectors can realistically score you a 35:1 payout. No matter your gameplay style, Silver Roulette rains both accessibility and opportunity.

About Roulette Silver provider iSoftBet

The people at iSoftBet are the slot masters and table wizards behind various hits like the classy Silver Roulette players drool over. The game developer has been supplying online casinos with excellent games across slots, tables, and everything in between since its launch in 2010. You know their products meet the highest security and fairness certifications, too. They’re scrutinised and approved by heavy hitters like the UKGC, MGA, and other top regulators. Multiple award nominations, such as the SEG Awards 2019, also speak to iSoftBet’s quality pedigree.

From single-zero European Roulette refinement to the wildest new-age slots, this software provider brings that fire to over 19 regulated markets worldwide. That means Silver Roulette is legally available in several countries. If you’re craving premium Vegas thrills translated to digital perfection, look no further than iSoftBet’s game library.


There’s nothing not to love about this ultra-polished European roulette experience. Between quality-of-life upgrades like Save Bet and Double Bet and that player-friendly RTP, the Silver Roulette online casino game piles on the conveniences. Bet limits from just $0.10 to $10 per spin ensure both beginners and whales can find their sweet spot. An elite 97.3% RTP rate also keeps that house edge in check. Whether riding those even-money outside bets or swinging for straight-up bets, the wagers accommodate all styles. Wrap it all up in that gorgeous 3D wheel action and slick graphics, and you’ve got one seriously premium virtual package. Plus, the game is powered by certified gurus at iSoftBet.