Betting System 10 Figures

This betting system for roulette is called “10 Figures”. You will need to have at least 30 chips to use this strategy.

There are several rules of this betting system:

  • 10 chips should be wagered on the first dozen
  • 10 chips should be wagered on the second dozen
  • 10 chips should be wagered on numbers from the last dozen

As you can understand we almost cover all numbers. Only three numbers are left without bet (two figures from last dozen and zero). When you use this betting system you will have a modest profit when any of 10 figures from last dozens occur. In this case you will have 6 chips profit from 10 chips bet.

The player loses only in case of absolute fiasco – any figure not covered with bet from the last dozen occur. In this case you will lose the 10 chips bet. In most cases you will just return your initial bet. It happens when figures from first 2 dozens occur.

This betting system can be quite profitable. You will be able to stay in the game longer. At the same time The 10 Figures Strategy will protect you from painful loss.

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Betting System 10 Figures
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