The Middle Roulette Strategy

The Middle Roulette Strategy is very much like the Insurance Roulette Strategy and also very simple to comprehend. If the player has luck on their side then they can bank some really big wins. This roulette strategy starts out with the player placing bets on the 2nd 12 and for the insurance the player needs to place another bet on the black or red with the stake being twice the amount of the bet on the dozen.

For an example, the player bets $25.00 on the 2nd 12 and places insurance on red in the amount of $50.00, that is twice the stake on the dozen bet. So if 19 comes out then the player will win from both of the bets and receive $175.00 making it a $100.00 profit. Let’s say that 17 comes out, then the player will win $100.00 total making $25.00 profit. If a number from 31 comes out then the player loses.

The player can bet on either the 2nd 12 and red or on the 2nd 12 and black.

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The Middle Roulette Strategy
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