Basic Roulette Rules and Odds Strategy

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The number one rule for the players who are looking to win with the game of roulette is to only bet at tables where the rules and odds are in favor of the player. Following this rule can decrease the house edge by as much as 4%.

The en prison rule is a good example of a favorable rule. This rule allows players that have made wagers on the even money bets, odd or even bets, and red and black bets to reduce their losses after the spin results in zero. When this happens the players can either forfeit half of their original wager or bet the same on the next spin. This rule reduces the player’s loss severely because it allows players to either lose half of their wager or remove the losing spin and wager the initial bet again as if it never even happened.

Play only the single zero or European roulette table in the course of achieving the favorable odds. The house advantage goes from 5.26% on the American roulette wheel to 2.7% when playing the European roulette game. With the extra zero pocket on the wheel is basically another way to decrease the player’s chances. Another words the European wheel has 37 pockets and the American wheel has 38 so the European version has the better paying odds.