Lucky Roulette is a thrilling and one-of-a-kind online roulette variant created by Belatra. The game is designed based on the single-zero European wheel, and you can place all standard bets, including inside and outside bets. However, the game lacks a race track field for call bets, but that shouldn’t disappoint you because it makes up for it by offering one to five lucky numbers that can award up to 500x your bet in every round. Aside from the multiplied payouts, Lucky Roulette offers a feature-rich playing interface with numerous functions such as autoplay, manual spin, crown bets, hot/cold stats, etc. During gameplay, the roulette wheel is usually hidden from view until you hit the Start button. Keep reading this Lucky Roulette review to learn more about the game and its features.

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Lucky Roulette game interface

As previously stated, the game provides a feature-rich gaming environment, delivering online casino players a seamless and remarkable gambling experience. Released in 2018, Lucky Roulette is presented on a table with a blue felt and brown wooden edges. The gaming screen is filled with various features, including the table grid, betting chips, and bet limits, among others. You can select your preferred language from 16 options and also choose a table based on your gambling budget from the game settings.

One notable feature of Lucky Roulette is the ‘Manual wheel spin-up’ feature. When activated, this feature allows online casino players to spin the wheel manually by quickly swiping on the screen using a mouse. However, the manual spin period is usually limited to 20 seconds, after which the wheel will automatically start to spin.

Audio settings

To give an authentic roulette gambling environment during gameplay, Lucky Roulette provides realistic sound effects during the betting and spin action, i.e., when making bets, it sounds as if you’re placing actual chips in a real casino, and once the virtual ball is released into the wheel, it’ll sound like it is spinning on an actual wooden surface. On top of that, after the ball lands on a wheel pocket, an automated computer voice announces the winning bets in every round. 

During the draw, you’ll hear the actual sounds of a lottery machine selecting the Lucky Numbers, accompanied by flashing lights on the straight-up numbers on the table layout. If you find the sounds distracting, you can turn them all off under the audio settings (speaker widget on the top right corner of the screen).

Betting area

As a single-zero roulette variant with a European-style wheel, the Lucky Roulette casino game features a pretty standard betting layout. The table grid is imprinted on the bottom section of the table, with all main roulette bets outlined on various spots. These include numbers 0-36, three ‘2to1’ betting boxes on its far right, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1 to 18, Even, Red, Black, Odd, and 19 to 36. As mentioned earlier, Lucky Roulette doesn’t have a racetrack-shaped field, meaning you can’t place neighbours and call bets.

Betting features

Betting functions are essential during gameplay, whether you’re playing Lucky Roulette for real money or with virtual credits. With such top-tier graphics, you can expect nothing short of amazing alongside the standard features when playing this online roulette variant.

  • Betting chips: To play roulette in a land-based casino, you must use chips to get a seat on the table. The same concept applies to Lucky Roulette, but there’s a slight difference since it’s an online variant. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find multiple virtual chips in different colours and values (depending on your selected bet range). To place a bet, select the chip with your preferred value and click on the betting spot you wish to put it in.
  • Double bet: This button allows you to increase your current bet amount by doubling all the chips on the table. Each time you hit it, the system will stack a chip with the exact value on top of all the chips on the table. Please note that your bet amount will double up to the maximum bet size of the selected betting spots and table limit. So, for instance, if you have $2, $5, and $10 chips on the table and press the ‘Double bet’ feature, your bet amount will shoot to $34 (two $2 chips, two $5, and two $10).
  • Start: This feature is represented by a green button, which acts similarly to the Spin button, commonly found in most online roulette variants. Once you’re satisfied with your bets, press the Start function, which will initiate the spinning of the virtual wheel and the ball. You should note that the spin action will only be activated if your total bet size meets the minimum table limit.
  • Repeat bet: After a round, the black ‘Double bet’ button changes to a ‘Repeat bet’ widget. Clicking this button will place similar bets (exact bet amount and bet type) to the ones in the previous amount.

Undo features

These are the UI functions used to remove bets from the table before starting a round:

  • Clear last: As the name implies, when you click the ‘Clear last’ button, it’ll revoke your latest action before starting a round (during the betting phase), and each time you hit it, it cancels in the reverse order. For instance, suppose you place a $1 chip on number 6, a $5 chip for a split bet on 17 and 20 and a $10 chip on the Odd betting spot. In this case, when you hit the ‘Clear last’ function, it’ll remove the even-money bet first, and if you press it again, it’ll remove the split bet next.
  • Clear any: This button acts slightly different from the ‘Clear last’ function in that it allows you to remove the bet of your choice during the betting period instead of cancelling in reverse order. For instance, if you place a 1st 12 bet, ‘2 to 1’, and a straight-up bet but wish to remove the 1st 12 bet, click the ‘Clear any’ button first, then select the bet you want to cancel (1st 12 in this case).
  • Clear all: True to its name, pressing this button will remove all the chips from the table before the betting period expires, allowing you to place bets afresh. Therefore, it acts as a Reset button during gameplay.

Crown bet

On the bottom left of the felt is a special chip with a crown embedded in the centre. What makes this chip stand out is that it places all possible bets for the chosen number. But how does it work? To use it, you must first select a chip with your preferred value, click the crown chip, and then select a number on the table layout. The system will then figure out all the possible bets related to that number and automatically place them on your behalf using the same chip value but considering the minimum bet size for the selected betting spots.


This feature performs the autoplay function, where the system automatically places bets and plays the set number of rounds on your behalf. A red section on the bottom area of the Start button represents this feature. Therefore, to use it, select your preferred base bet value, set it on your desired spots on the table grid, and then click the Autostart section. The autoplay window will emerge, and your first step will be to choose the number of rounds you wish the system to play on your behalf from the pre-defined figures (10, 20, 50, 75, 100, and infinity).

Lucky Roulette also offers advanced settings on when to stop the autoplay function. For instance, you can stop autoplay after any win, before the bonus game, or after the win of 5x your total bets or more. You can also set it to stop if the total win per round exceeds a specific cash amount, if the balance increases by a particular value, or if the balance decreases by the set amount.


You’ll see a stats window on the right side of the screen with hot numbers at its top, cold numbers at the bottom, and the winning numbers in the last seven rounds. The hot section features the numbers that frequently appeared in the previous rounds, whereas the cold stats comprise the pockets the ball has landed in a while. For previous outcomes, red winning numbers are displayed on the left side of the window in red, green for the zero pocket (in the middle field), and black winning numbers are shown on the right section in white.

The game also features a list of the top 20 Lucky Roulette wins with key details such as the winning multiplier and payout amount, as well as a video replay of the specific win. The video offers a download feature if you wish to save it for future reference.

Lucky Roulette bet sizes

Whether you’re playing Lucky Roulette for real money or with fun credits, the game features set bet limits like an actual roulette table in a land-based casino. The game offers three tables with different bet limits. The first table provides novice and low-budget-friendly limits, as you can bet as little as $1 and a maximum of $50 per round, whereas the second table has a minimum bet limit of $2 and a maximum of $150, catering to medium-budget players. The third table is meant for high rollers as it features higher limits, with the minimum allowed bet amount being $5 and the maximum cap being set at $500. You should note that the different betting spots have individual limits.

Lucky Roulette game rules

Like other European-style online roulette variants, Lucky Roulette adheres to the standard rules, i.e., you are required to place a bet based on where you believe the ball will land once the spin is over. However, the game doesn’t offer all the standard European roulette bets since it doesn’t have a race track betting field for neighbours and French bets. This means you can only place inside and outside bets.

Multiplier round

Since it’s a game of chance, Lucky Roulette has taken single-zero roulette gaming a notch higher by providing one to five lucky numbers with multiplied payouts in every round. After placing your bets and hitting the Start button, one to five numbers on the table grid are randomly selected by RNG software and assigned individual random multipliers. The lucky numbers can award 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x your bet amount. 

Thus, if you place a bet on one of the lucky numbers and the ball lands on it, you’ll receive an enhanced payout according to the assigned multiplier. On the other hand, non-lucky winning straight-up bets are awarded a 29:1 payout instead of the standard 35:1. All the other bets are paid according to the standard European roulette paytable.

Summary to Lucky Roulette

Various innovative online roulette variants have emerged since the introduction of the first online gambling platform. Among these titles is Lucky Roulette by Belatra, a title that was released to the market in 2018. It’s a single-zero variant that applies the standard European roulette rules but with a slight twist. Instead of having neighbours and call bets, the game offers one to five random numbers with massive multipliers assigned to them in every round. 

If you’re fortunate enough to place a straight-up bet on one of the lucky numbers and the ball lands on it, you’ll walk away with enhanced payouts of up to 500x your bet. Aside from the multiplied payouts, Lucky Roulette offers various innovative gaming features, including crown bets, manual wheel spin, autoplay, etc.