Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy

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This specific roulette strategy was named after a dice player who used the bet for playing the pass line bet in craps. The objective of the strategy is to wager on a series until one unit has been won.

Let’s take a look at how this strategy works. If the player loses a bet then their next bet will be the same. If they win then their next wager will be one unit higher unless their total bet would mean that if they won then the one unit is better off over the whole entire sequence. The idea is to win a single bet unit.
The simplest way to begin is if the player placed a $2.00 bet on red and won, this is considered winning one unit ($2.00). The player has now been successful in achieving the idea of winning one unit.

In all reality this system begins when the first bet loses. If the player bets $2.00 on red and loses then they are $2.00 down. Let’s say that the player lost then their next bet will be of the same value. If this bet is a loss also then they are $4.00 down. The third bet would be $2.00 again since the last wager was a loss. So if the third bet is a win then they are $2.00 down overall. Since the player won they can add one unit to their next bet making it $4.00 and if that wager wins it’s the end of the series as they will be $2.00 up and have achieved their goal of being 1 betting unit better off.

One thing that the player should do before using this system is to make sure that they have set a stop loss that is the maximum wager rate per series of spins. If the player reaches this then they should accept the loss and start a new sequence.

This strategy is very appealing to try. If the player has a long run of losses then they will not be losing too much as they are only increasing the wagers when they are winning.