micro roulette

For roulette diehards craving something fresh but still classic, Micro Roulette from the experts at GameScale is an absolute must-spin game. This compact online roulette variant rocks a smooth, user-friendly interface alongside convenient features like a blisteringly fast Turbo mode. But don’t stress; it keeps that iconic European Roulette spirit intact from the core rules down to that traditional table layout you know and love. So, you’re getting that legendary wheel thrill with some seriously modern quality-of-life upgrades. When it comes to versatility, Micro Roulette makes the stakes ultra-flexible by accepting bets as small as $0.1 or as hefty as $120 for the high rollers. Combine that with 97.3% RTP, and you’ve got an incredible experience, whether you’re a big-money spender or just dipping your toes into online roulette waters.

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Micro Roulette rules

While the developer brings some fresh new features, Micro Roulette’s core gameplay will feel like a warm, fuzzy homecoming for any roulette veteran. Nonetheless, you should take a quick peek at the game’s unique rulebook before you play Micro Roulette for real money.


Getting a fresh Micro Roulette spin going is a breeze. Pick your bet size, then artfully choose bets however you want on the grid. When the wager setup is locked and loaded, unleash the fury with one click of the spin button. From there, the random number generator takes the wheel, randomly highlighting the winning number. All bets aligned with that number get corresponding payouts while the house sucks up any tragic misfires.

Graphics and interface

One look at Micro Roulette’s graphics, and you’ll be amazed. The game features a hyper-realistic 3D roulette wheel with silky smooth animations and lighting effects. You’ll feel like you got beamed straight onto an actual casino floor. But the sleekness doesn’t stop at the visuals. The entire user interface is an intuitive work of minimalist art that screams premium quality. That clean, clutter-free layout keeps all the essentials easily accessible whether you’re a rookie or an online roulette master.

Every crucial control – Turbo mode, bet tables, you name it – is perfectly compacted right at your fingertips, without a single unnecessary distraction. GameScale packages the iconic roulette thrill into a stunningly fresh, user-friendly experience that’s an absolute blast to play from start to finish.

Turbo mode

For some turbocharged action, activate Turbo Mode and get ready to blast off. This nitro-boosted setting skips all the fancy animations to deliver faster spins one after the other with zero delays in between. When in Turbo mode, the ball practically warps into its pocket like it’s making a hyper-jump to lightspeed. With the relentless pace, you can pack more spins per minute, increasing that potential win rate to maximum overdrive.

If you prefer savouring that signature roulette atmosphere and watching every smooth spin unfold, Turbo can be switched off just as easily. Kick back and take in those remarkably life-like animations, following the ball intently as it carves its fateful path around the wheel in crystal-clear motion. The ultra-realistic sights and sounds will immerse you in the authentic online roulette experience.

Demo mode

For newbies keen on dipping their toes into Micro Roulette’s radiant waters, the no-risk demo mode is essential and can’t be ignored. Treat it as the ultimate practice tool for meticulously mapping out your lucky number strategies without vaporising even a single cent. Sure, you’re spinning without any real money stakes on the line. But make no mistake – the essence of roulette’s spine-tingling thrill still courses through the demo spins. It’s the perfect risk-free method for practising before you play Micro Roulette for real money.

And you don’t need to worry about device compatibility. Whether you’re firing spins from a cutting-edge smartphone or a slick tablet running iOS, Android, or Windows, this game automatically adjusts to deliver a supremely optimised portable experience from virtually anywhere.

Micro Roulette table layout

While packing in all the classic European Roulette game features you know and love, Micro Roulette’s table has been completely overhauled with a sleek modern design for maximum convenience and one seriously slick look. The vibrant betting grid hovers clean above the main table itself. But scan the sidekicks, too. A track along the left rim is just for call bets, while the panel on the right tracks the latest winning numbers.

Below the main playfield, chip values and betting limits info are compactly laid out. Hover a cursor over the max bet numbers, and their payouts will pop up for easy reference. You can rapidly re-bet your previous spin’s wagers with a single click. But that’s just the surface. This table’s functions and options pack some serious versatility:

  • Turbo: Hit this icon, and the Micro Roulette gameplay goes full throttle, blasting you through spins quickly.
  • Info (?): One tap unlocks the rulebook and features manifest.
  • Fullscreen: If the current view isn’t as immersive as you want it to be, expand it to complete full-screen immersion.
  • Sound: When the experience feels rowdy, crank the sound effects. Or just mute it all in one click.
  • Clear bets: Use this option when you need a fresh start. Erase all bets in one go.
  • Spin: When locked, loaded, and ready, hit the spin button to spark a new electrifying roulette round.
  • Bet limits info: Find your minimum entry level, max straight-up bets, and overall maximum limits conveniently displayed pre-spin.

Micro Roulette online bet types

Whether you’re a conservative casino player taking it easy or a high-roller gunning for glory, Micro Roulette’s wide range of inside and outside bets lets you custom-build your strategy to perfection. Check out the bet types available in this game.

Inside bets

These up-close targeted bets let you zero in on specific numbers – higher risk, but huge payouts for pinpoint accuracy:

  • Straight Up (just one number, paying a massive 35:1)
  • Split (combining two neighbouring numbers at 17:1)
  • Street (any three horizontal numbers in a row at 11:1)
  • Corner (boxing four adjoining numbers for an 8:1 haul)
  • Line (covering two entire horizontal rows for 5:1)
  • Five-number (nailing 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 for a tidy 6:1)
  • Basket (just 0, 1, 2, 3 grouped at 6:1)
  • Snake bet (slithering through 12 numbers in a snake pattern for 2:1)

Outside bets

For broader coverage at even-money payouts but a lower house edge, you can choose:

  • Red/Black (1:1 on the primary colour split)
  • Odd/Even
  • High/Low
  • Columns
  • Dozens

Call bets

And if you’re feeling ultra-daring, Micro Roulette’s special Call Bets take aim at strategic wheel sections:

  • Voisins du Zéro: The ‘neighbours of zero’ cluster
  • Tiers du Cylindre: A ‘third of the wheel’ wedge
  • Orphelins: The ‘orphans’ – unclaimed outer segments
  • Jeu Zero: Numbers closest to the beloved zero
  • Final Bets: Wager on any number ending in your called digit

Micro Roulette house edge and bet limits

This game has a 2.7% house edge. That translates to a 97.3% return-to-player (RTP) rate. It means the odds are hugely in your favour to stay ahead of the game over the long run. But it gets even better. The bet limits here are about as wide-ranging as they come, leaving no players outpriced. The minimum chip value is just a dime at $0.10. But feel free to start even smaller – the minimum bet per single spin is that same $0.10 level.

For the high-limit experience, you can wager up to $50 per chip. And the ceiling doesn’t stop there, with a $120 maximum total bet allowed for each sizzling roulette round. Whether you’re a conservative bettor or a big-money high roller, Micro Roulette’s betting flexibility ensures you can play at whatever stakes you feel right.

Micro Roulette game provider

This online roulette game is the brilliant handiwork of GameScale, a modern game developer founded in 2010 by former big shots from giants like Microgaming, Playtech, and PartyGaming. Since blasting onto the scene, these developers have solidified their reputation as elite slot and table game crafters thanks to their wildly imaginative themes and intriguing gameplay dynamics.

But what really sets GameScale apart is their laser focus on serving up awesomely uncomplicated yet remarkably fun gaming experiences. They cleverly swerve clunky and overcomplicated 3D games, hooking you with deliriously engaging and straightforward action. 

GameScale walks the walk, too, dishing out only the highest quality, fully licensed products certified by reliable European regulators. With HQs in Malta but satellite teams posted up in Israel and Moldova, this provider’s excellency radiates worldwide as their in-demand roulette gems keep dazzling online casinos everywhere.


Whether you’re a casino veteran or a rookie just catching the roulette bug, Micro Roulette delivers a remarkably fresh yet authentic experience. This compact variant innovates while honouring the classics. Its RTP is 97.3%, bet limits from $0.10 to $120 and has unique features like Turbo Mode for fast-paced spins. The stripped-down interface serving sophisticated style and accessibility also stands out. Every vital control is a tap away on the clean and clutter-free layout optimised for desktop or mobile play. Combined with hyper-realistic animations and sounds, Micro Roulette transports you to a premium online roulette atmosphere. This is an absolute must-spin for roulette enthusiasts of any level.