Chinese Roulette

Chinese Roulette is a unique 1x2Gaming-powered game that uses Chinese zodiac signs instead of traditional numbers. The wheel is separated into 13 sectors; twelve of them stand for animal signs (Tiger, Snake, Dog, Ox, etc.), and the “8” symbol plays the role of a zero slot. There are inside and outside bets in the Chinese roulette. The inside bets are: a straight bet (this pays out 11 to 1), split bets (5 to 1), trio bets that involve an “8” slot (4 to 1), corner bets (2 to 1), one even-money bet (Positive/Negative), and two bet types that are similar to dozen and column bets (both pay 3 to 1). So on a one-dollar bet the house pays you a maximum of $11. Since the Chinese roulette wheel has 37 slots where the ball may land, the house edge is 2.7% as a standard European roulette

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Chinese Roulette
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